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Ten Reasons Montreal Will Reach the 2008-09 Stanley Cup Final

February 11, 2009, by Homme De Sept-Iles

Yes, Montreal is in the midst of the worst stretch of the season. And this will be the turning point for one of the more dramatic team turnarounds in recent NHL history. Herewith, the ten biggest reasons why we can expect it:

10. Mathieu Dandenault - The most under-appreciated of a significant handful of under-appreciated Habs.
9. Jaroslav Halak – This kid can still play.
8. Guy Carbonneau’s ongoing Zen journey; in which we see the young Sept-Ilean refine his definition of balance, praise and structure.
7. Alex Tanguay – The most consistent offensive performer on the team, he will just be entering his element as the playoffs approach. He’ll bubble over in May.
6. Underestimation; in the Now Hockey League, strengths can easily be forgotten. Teams seeing this slide might take Montreal lightly.
5. Tim Thomas – The bubble will burst. That kind of save percentage combined with that kind of unorthodoxy cannot last.
4. Bob Gainey – We may not hear about it but Gainey will say or do something that changes the course of history.
3. Alex Kovalev – Montreal’s best playoff performer will become the Reggie Miller for the team. Clutch, fierce and final.
2. Carey Price - The big man is quietly getting it together.
1. Andrei Kostitsyn – His recent use on the sideboard on the power-play and with AK27 on the point will finally click. The spacing created by having Kovalev on the point will allow AK46 to show off some unexpected but dazzling play-making abilities.

Underscoring all of it will be the unexpected gelling of the team as adversity creates stronger bonds and a mien for the great problem-solve at Bell Central.

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