The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile

I Am Forced to Understand

November 4, 2009, by Homme De Sept-Iles

i am forced to understand

to understand sport, i consider the arts of war … though i disdain the arts of war

i am forced to consider and study hate when what i was born to consider and celebrate is beauty and also, love

these ordinary men who wear this ordinary logo

these ordinary men who wear this extraordinary logo

these extraordinary men who wear this extraordinary logo

these extraordinary men who wear this ordinary logo

there were teams

there are archetypes

shouts and sweaters
turtlenecks and striped jersey smiles
the days before brylcream
but it’s before then, before those north american images

the hero, the anti-hero, the defeated, the wrongfully dismissed, the wrongfully convicted

and so many more archetypes

without villains

there is a short story that i heard once …  a story that suggested that heroes would still be born

there is a white place, a black place … haunted by an almost golden colour, sepia … ancient yet warm … quaint but modern

heroes will still be born

even as science and sociology give us new answers, even as the unknown loses its mystique

heroes will still be born

they will be born in the same places they have always been born …  anywhere

and they will do those things they have always done

there are things beyond this universe, within this universe, both unperceived  … we don’t see because we don’t know … we don’t hope because we don’t believe

but we do know (though we don’t see)  and we do believe, though we don’t know …… and we do hope (and i can’t explain that)

in these places, and they look like our places when we look upon them (but they are more than those places, ultra-dimensional; beyond our three) and in these places, they spin and turn in time as our own planets and heavenly bodies do, but they know torsion and tunnels that science hasn’t grasped yet

in one of these places, and there are far more interesting and exciting places to discover in this multiverse, there is a gigantic glade … and the colours are three … like an untoward, uncanny new planet atmosphere … sepia

frozen here

are the monsters and rogues, the captains and the batmen, the majestic stone fists, the magnificent cloak of inspiration, this is where the angels and the rakshasas choose to skate

where they choose to wield the weapons of this game

and fire upon the disc


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