The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile

Strachan on Bowman

November 13, 2009, by Homme De Sept-Iles

“The team flew into Minnesota and was on a pretty good streak when Scotty called in the press and announced that he was benching Steve Shutt that night.  This was the year Shutt ended up with 60 goals (HDS: 76-77) so he was really pissed off.  Shutty told Lafleur, who wasn’t too happy to be losing his left winger, and the veterans’ committee called a meeting.  They then took the grievance to Bowman who let them talk him into reinstating Shutt, who played that night as the Habs bombed the North Stars.”

Al Strachan from Lions in Winter by Chrys Goyens and Allan Turowetz (Penguin, 1987)

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