The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile

Carolina Musings and In-Game Scribbles

November 17, 2009, by Homme De Sept-Iles

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones)

Montreal Canadiens (9-11) host Carolina Hurricanes (3-12-4)
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Game Twenty-One (score posted following scribbles)
Musings and In-Game Scribbles are a “live blogging” of the game that are compiled (typed, actually) during the game and edited and posted shortly after the game.

A visit from the Carolina Hurricanes always makes me remember Saku Koivu’s injury in the third game of the Canadiens series against the former Hartford Whalers in 2005-06. Montreal led that series two-nothing but lost that game and the three following to end their run. Carolina went on to one of the least-convincing Stanley Cup victories in the game’s history. Sounds like a biased comment but the Hurricanes were outplayed for most of their two series against Buffalo Sabres and, in the final, the Edmonton Oilers.

Fairness. Don’t look for it in the NHL. But maybe, at times, from me.

Kostitsyn is hiding his face behind his glove again as the camera saunters along the Montreal bench during the anthem.

Michael Leighton and Carey Price are the starting goalies. Carolina recently lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both teams are in the bottom five of the thirty-team league.

First Period

Paul Mara takes an early penalty. Montreal iced both the Gomez line and the Plekanec line prior to the interference call. Mara seems in disagreement. But it’s mild. He shakes his head and raises his glove, almost questioning.

Moen leads a two-on-one but his pass is just too far. Ninety seconds in the penalty.

Carolina sets up and controls on the side bar inside the left boards. To the left of Price.

Blue line pass fails and they have to regroup. Sergei Samsonov is on the ice for the second wave of Carolina attackers.

Penalty drains away and I should mention that Pacioretty had a nice hit prior to the power-play.

Now Carolina is delivering some big checks of their own.

Two on the shift.

Montreal is responding.

Carolina is an easy team to dislike with their pesky, chippy style.

Circa 1978 Team Canada.

Whitney enters with Gleason and he looks to Cullen in the slot but the pass is early and saucers past the crease and into the corner.

Houde says it’s like a ping-pong game just before Carolina ices it.

Bouchard is down by the bench and says that the Canadiens are confident and that there’s a good feeling. He uses the term “feeling” directly from English.

Pacioretty scores. Lateral movement to the right and a shot going the other way. Wrister from the mid-slot.

Montreal 1, Carolina 0.

Gregory Stewart is on the ice tonight. Yee-haw.

Leach is wearing Sedin’s number and it’s Pacioretty’s second goal this season.

Same tired old licks on the sound system. We get a shot of Carolina coach Paul Maurice and I’m pleased to see someone I admire on the screen.

Kostopoulos breaks in and nearly splits two Montreal defenders. Mara turns and knocks the puck out of the danger zone. Faceoff soon ensues.

Following the faceoff, Montreal is disorganized. Suddenly, beyond the speed of words-per-minute, Carey Prices extends from the net like a circus puppet. And makes a great save. Man, he’s looking good this week, this game, this moment.

More turnovers from the team that ranks first in giveaways and Carolina is unable to organize to punish.

Finally Plekanec works to get the disc out. Savin’ our hot dogs.

Canadiens are protecting the puck poorly.

Kostopoulos is jawing and tangling in the slot after the whistle.

Tom Kostopoulos. Our Tom Kostopolous. We could use him tonight. Or any other night.

Another whistle. Icing on a missed pass.

The always deadly Erik Cole is toweling his forehead on the bench. Hab killer.

Latendresse and his buddy are on the ice and they manage to keep it deep for a time. And then Lapierre gets it to the slot. White is watching all the while and looking for his opening.

Now Pyatt’s line is on and number 94 manages two respectable shots, the second of which has to be concealed from action and held for a faceoff. Your man Michael Leighton. Six-foot three. Born in 1981.

Just ten minutes left in the first period.

Carolina entry. Distance test shot from Gleason. Turned away by Price. Goalie card save. Very Beckett. Bent knee slide. Like a catcher stealing home. What?

Plekanec is in the zone now. Enters. Stops. Curves to the blue line. Fires from that distance. It’s stopped and held.

Typing for long periods with a non-ergonomic keyboards has its similarities to goaltending. Any chance you get to straighten out and relax your muscles to normal positions must be taken.

Latendresse tries the wrap-around. And this incursion stays lit up. Then Latendresse is upended by the side of the net. Effort pays.

Did Latendresse act like an actor on that? Looked like it. Shrewd.

Montreal power-play.

(I’m not condoning it.)

It’s going to be a long season so I’m allowed to take a bit of joy from these little stolen balls of gum.

Canadiens keep the puck in for the first forty seconds before a bouncing puck betrays Bergeron on the blue line. He was on the tip of the diamond. Solo guy.

Next incursion ends swiftly.

Hamrlik starts the team out from behind the Montreal net. Carries it up. Fires it in. Canadiens follow it but it is cleared regardless. Thirty seconds as Spacek quarterbacks Latendresse, Kostitsyn and somebody I could have identified if we had just kept it in the zone. Gomez, I think. Carolina gets a shot on Price and he has to wave his glove at the moon to stop it. And brings it down like a pie.

From the sill. A small meat pie. The kind you have to be quick to hide.

Penalty ends.

Muller is asked (during a pause in the game; it’s still offensive, bub) why the Habs look confident. Muller says they were told to respond. That’s what the NHL is about.

Carolina is offside. Matt Cullen. No ties. The only way I can track the days now. Mechant Mardi.

Four and a half minutes. Shots are six to five. Who cares which team that stat is in favour of. It’s not going to be 24 shots against after the first. As on Saturday night. Remember? I know you remember.

White makes some good passes here and there. And we were told that he is a scorer earlier this month. I’ll watch him for that.

It’s easier to watch a player and understand a game when you know something about his habits. The process becomes an understanding through what is missing or different on a given night or at a given moment.

But you have to put in the time to know the given player’s natural movements. For a slower, older guy like me that could be years.


Metropolit is a good, deliberate passer. I wonder what kind of coaching he got in minor league hockey. He is very well-learned and deliberate. He must have practiced a lot growing up.

Very conscientious player.

Paul Maurice has a Grinch air. Elegant Grinch. Maybe the Grinch’s human brother. The good version.

Pacioretty has big eyebrows. Mario Tremblay eyebrows. And he has a Mario Lemieux look to his lanky leanness.

Moen line is exerting its collective will. Latendresse and Lapierre are on with him.

They control. This is how we want to them to play all season. Yeah, I’m talking outcome but process is something that isn’t as scrumptious this season.

Kostitsyn tries his screened distance shot. Just goes wide.

Pacioretty is thrown to the ice like a mannequin by Carolina defenceman Andrew Alberts. Slides into the corner unharmed. Pacioretty has to hit the weights and steaks (and that doesn’t mean I’m condoning the lethal burger and hubris combo).

End of period.

First Intermission
Montreal 1, Carolina 0

Francois Gagnon discusses some of the long-term salaries on the books in the NHL these days. We see Hossa’s giant contract and Lecavalier’s. Gagnon explains how the front-loaded contracts are a tactic to circumvent the spirit of the CBA and that the NHL doesn’t like the technique although it is legal.

He calls Alexei Yashin’s contract epouvantable (abominable). The Islanders are still on the hook even though Yashin has been out of New York for about three years.

We see an ad for the CFL East Final, hosted by East Champion Montreal Alouettes. Today’s Gazette had a ticket sale ad which showed that there were still tickets available for this Sunday’s tilt against the Tiger-Cats at the Olympic Stadium. Trouble is, the Tiger-Cats have been eliminated. By the BC Lions. The Lions (and Casey Printers) will be visiting Olympic Stadium this Sunday. Member of my advisory committee pointed it out.

Bouchard interviews Pacioretty and we see it just prior to the second period puck-drop.

Max Pacioretty is like the new Mike Ribeiro. Young, promising, learning. Ah, I guess they are all the new Mike Ribeiro. What the hell do I know. Pacioretty has offensive skills that could put him in the 70-points per season group is really what I’m thinking. Something about Pacioretty’s style reminds me of Ribeiro. Or maybe I’m just talking out my nose.

Second Period
Montreal 1, Carolina 0

Stick breaks on the ice. Both teams are out for action. Two average to below-average teams with nothing but hustle to get them through. We may as well just start shooting more. Oh, for the love of circles.

Moen knows what to do with his abilities. Two jagged lines. Makes a choice. Drives to the net. Or behind. This time he has the puck behind the net. And moments later he is handling the puck and passing it. And doing the same again. He’s a lot like Kostopoulos in terms of playing within his limits.

Kostopoulos had more of a nose for the net.

Carolina goes the other way and a pass and a pass and a shot and we’re tied. Three on two with
Whitney to Sutter. Brendan Sutter. Very nice pass and shoot. It’s Sutter’s fifth goal of the season we are told.

Carolina 1, Montreal 1.

Houde comments that it’s often that the Canadiens have a bad sequence in a game and that most often it’s early in the second.

Under four minutes elapsed.

Kostitsyn bangs down Cullen. Blinded him. Cullen cross-checked Kostitsyn back.

Good job Andrei.

Andrei whacked him back (lying on the ice all the while). It was purely an emotional reaction. Both guys go to the box. Cullen is calm. Kostitsyn is still annoyed. He’ll learn.

Just banged down Cullen, though. Cullen didn’t see him as he was exiting from the zone. And Andrei leveled him. Kostitsyn’s helmet flew off from the hit and the Canadiens’ forward fell at the same time.

Price now makes a very nice save on a wrap-around attempt.

We’re seeing a four-on-four. Some say this is your nephew’s NHL. Good luck selling that to the CBA.

Plekanec comes in with Concorde acceleration. Wheels. Passes. Distance shot. Now three more shots from the men in bleu, blanc et rouge. Montreal, with Spacek pinching, is starting to get some groove.

He’s paired with Hamrlik right now. Lapierre and Plekanec are the forwards. And the penalty ends as Kostitsyn lugs onto the ice like a horse needing water. Ten seconds later the puck is in behind Price. Unrelated to the Belarusian forward. Long pass down the right-side boards by Spacek was intercepted and the resulting pass and shoot was an easy goal. The geometry made bad expectations of Price. Had to come across too far from right to left. X-Box goal. One-timer.

Martin calls a timeout and utters a sentence that ends with the words “for flip’s sake”. Well maybe not “flip”. He calms down by the end of the timeout and says “let’s go” and raises his eyebrows.

Bouchard says that it’s on Kostitsyn and the other players; they should have been getting onto the ice to replace him and the other leaving players.

Price’s reaction was one of frustration.

Montreal enters. Drop pass. Spacek fires hard. And Creighton has to extend fully and split to glove it. Very nice save. And a whistle for the faceoff.


Manny Legace has been asked to go in net for Carolina. That stretch may have tweaked something.

Legace. That’s good news.

Yes, ice-cular poverty makes greedy snowman of me. No articles in sentence.

Corvo tries a long pass that fails and allows Montreal to get a possession. Plekanec line is on to take advantage and they have help from Spacek. They get a shot from Kostitsyn. Legace has to hold it. It was a sharp angle shot.

Latendresse takes down Cullen behind the Carolina net. Lapierre has it on the cycling attempt. Montreal continues to control. Lapierre has it now. They keep it moving. This line has had the best control of the night.

Aaron Ward is going to go the box. Latendresse grabs Ward after the whistle and man-handles Ward’s checkered shirt on behalf o’ the little lady. Looks like an almost scene from a rougher saloon. Latendresse bang-bang-bangs Wards lightly against the glass. Boof-boof. Well as lightly as KISS might disco.

Ward’s choice of hit was not good. Moen could have been hurt.

Officials go easy on Latendresse. They allow him to get away with his Ward-is-a-rag-doll routine.

Ward doesn’t like the non-call. He thinks his non-reacting should have gotten Latendresse into the box, too. But he doesn’t seem very convincing.

Montreal power-play nonetheless.

Early going is roughshod. Second wave gets better control but not much better.

One minute into the penalty and Montreal is trying to get it set up. Latendresse is on the second wave. His shot goes wide from a sharp angle. Kostitsyn is forechecking with energy and it works. But then his behind-the-back pass results in an exit from the Carolina zone.

One last entry with ten seconds left in the penalty.

Montreal is relieved of the puck. Bell Centre crowd reminds us we are in Montreal as they start to boo a bit.

Just over eight minutes in the second period. Gleason shoots from the blue line and it’s deflected dangerously in front. Price is able to control the bounce and holds it for a faceoff.

Carolina steps it up. Cole’s line. But some bad passing from Carolina slows their progress. Then Corvo regains control for the visitors. Now the puck is on the boards outside the Montreal blue line. Pacioretty loss a battle to the left of Price a segment later. Cole is still on the ice and Carolina is controlling. Crowd is booing at a higher volume. Cole gets a third cradling of the puck. Finally Plekanec line ends all this. Mara has it now. They move it around til Kostitsyn takes it in from a pass from Bergeron. Canadiens are playing smart control ball. Somehow I feel as if I’m seeing more of the game than I ever did. It’s a strange feeling. Price is taken down behind his net. Knocked backward. Geez. They will call it. Stephane Yelle.

Finally the whistle goes.

Montreal gets another chance.

We see the replay and it was an accident as Yelle’s stick got stuck in Price’s skate. Price could have been badly injured. Fortunate. Montreal goes to the power-play.

Plekanec and Cammalleri are on with Bergeron and Metropolit. Hamrlik is also on the blue line. They move it around after a brief exit and re-entry. About a minute in the power-play.

Whistle. Legace is playing well. He’s better than Gerber. I’ll give him that.

Gorges is on the second wave. Gomez shoots from the top of the circle and Latendresse ties to backhand the rebound past Legace. Legace’s pad is flat on the ice and he stops and holds it.

Fifty seconds. They pass it behind Price and exit. Gorges makes the smart play to keep it alive. He is very good. He is smooth like Markov. And his decision-making is calmer from month to month. Week to week, really. He is a number one pairing defender down the road. And a future all-star.

Penalty ends. Canadiens are in a good frame of mind. It helps that Moen is doing his usual good work on the ice. He backchecks deep and now takes a pass at the exit hash. Leach’s long pass misses and the Canadians have to chase it. Metropolit line hops on to do the chasing. Cammalleri and Gomez are with him. (Gionta is missing due to injury for the second straight game and that is why Metropolit is on the first line).

This line is having its productivity problems in recent games.

Even with Gionta.

Just not enough offence from this team. But the defensive is missing Markov’s passing, breakout vision and power-play quarterbacking. It’s not an excuse. Just a reason.

Latendresse fires a long one on Legace and we get a whistle shortly thereafter.

Just forty seconds left in the period. Cole enters down the right side after the faceoff. This line continues to create in Montreal territory. Puck escapes the Montreal zone up the middle and three guys chase it. Lapierre is one of those three guys. Can’t get to it. Period ends.

Montreal outshoots Carolina 16 to 6 but they benefited from the power-play to inflate that statistic And there were no quality chances in there. Well, maybe one.

Second Intermission
Carolina 2, Montreal 1

Alain Crete asks Demers about Latendresse presence in tonight’s game. Demers says that Latendresse has been involved and made some good plays and been physical. We see some footage.

Now a milk commercial in which a seated grandmother is drinking dairy while talking about comfort of some sort. I’m distracted with some other sports reading. But I do find the time to feel disturbed. If cow’s milk is for little cows to become big cows, what is a big and old, very old, human doing drinking the stuff?

These are the kinds of belief systems that will be laughed at in the same way that we laugh at the early twentieth century belief that cigarettes are healthy. Or the late sixties belief that tartan turf (or astro-turf as it came to be known) would decrease injuries. Tartan turf maimed athletes and killed careers. Field-turf is better but not as much as they would have you believe. Its concussive impact is the same as that of Astro-Turf. It just has better give.

Milk? Well, when a product needs as much lobbying as milk seems to get, you know it’s probably on its last shrill legs.

Quick interview with Tom Kostopoulos. He sounds like the genuine guy he was in Montreal. He ends the interview with Joel Bouchard by saying “good seein’ ya”. It’s genuine and Bouchard doesn’t respond in kind. Bouchard had to say something to the camera.

Third Period
Carolina 2, Montreal 1

Houde says that seeing Kostopoulos reminds him of the graphic changes wrought by Gainey on this team in the offseason.

Canadiens get early control with the first line putting pressure on Legace. They force a faceoff and Plekanec line is on for it.

Kostitsyn and Pacioretty are with him.

Maybe it’s true what some are saying; today Tomas Plekanec is the best forward on the Habs.

Price scoops up a puck and Ruutu is involved in front of the net with Gorges. It fades off. Houde says that Ruutu is not as, shall we say, outgoing as his brother but that they are related.

Lapierre loses the faceoff.

Samsonov is on against our third line.

Lapierre follows a puck sent in by Latendresse. Can’t capture it. Play moves to the neutral zone where a whistle forces a faceoff.

Jacques Martin is a cautious man.

That appeals to me.

For now.

Carbonneau was an experimenter. And played hunches.

Canadiens are back on the attack and Mara fires one high and wide. If he could get that shot under better control, Montreal would have a key weapon to keep their power-play from the bottom ten in Markovs’ absence.

Neutral ice. Carolina moves it around. Six straight completions. Good chop-chop and chase. And then Ruutu and Pacioretty thud in the corner to the right of Price.

Kostitsyn nearly frees Plekanec for a min-breakaway. The pas bounces back in his direction. He immediately grabs the puck and takes it in himself. Backhander is stopped.

Moen bangs and traps a Hurricane behind the Carolina net. But the puck escapes to another Hurricane show moves it out

Cammalleri brings it in now. Fires. Off-wing. Wrister. Bounces in the way he might have wanted and becomes a brief dangerous puck in the slot. But the net goes off the moorings.

We resume to the right of Legace and Cammalleri’s line remains on. Four and a half minutes elapsed. Play moves to the Montreal zone where Gomez delivers a hard check behind Price. Puck soon goes into the stands.

Kostitsyn is on with Plekanec and Pyatt. But their control is brief. Faceoff comes up.

Plekanec is demonstrating to a game official how a Hurricane committed a foul.

Lapierre takes it at centre ice against Stephane Yelle. Lapierre loses it.

And we have another stoppage in play about 20 seconds later for a hand pass.

Montreal players are working hard. But they have to play a bit smarter. Get open. Pass shorter.

Twel’-fitty left.

Price’s backhand pass around the boards gets taken up by Carolina and then Price makes three saves from good gusting up to great. Yes, that is a Red Fisher line. I love when he uses that line.

Bad exit pass by Carolina results in a chance for Montreal. And then a skirmish once Legace has shuttered the menace.

Now Legace makes a mummified desert save flat on his stomach and spread like a star shaped bandage. Stay flat, soldier. Faceoff.

Some skirmishing with the puck and then Gorges gets called for having his stick up to high. Whoops penalty. Non-intentional. Two minutes. Ten minutes.

Brunet says that when it’s going bad, it’s going bad.

Carolina sets up and struggles just to keep it in. Two mediocre passes are almost intercepted. Then the Canadiens capture the puck and send it along its way. And Carolina regroups.

Red Whalers are back in. But Price grabs an inoffensive puck and we are at about a minute left in the Carolina power-play.

Montreal exits.

Ryan White. One on one. Tries a move. Fails. But gets a shot. Stopped. Wasn’t a high-velocity nor a screened shot. Floating clear.

Carolina gets one more chance.

Pass goes through the slot. Bounces off Leach’s stick. Price stops it. Leach talks to him afterward and Houde says Leach is apologizing. Leach is smiling and explaining something. We go to a commercial and there will be about ten seconds left in the power-play when we return.

If a product can afford a television commercial, they are not in need of my money. If a product needs a commercial to convince me, their product probably isn’t much good. If a product needs a commercial, they’re probably paying big change for it and that’s going to show up in the price of the product. Non merci. No thanks. And something unDisney like.

It was a Molson product. The bad beer northern equivalent of Budweiser.

Faceoff to the right of Price. Canadiens get control and get it out after about 11 seconds of puck discussions.

They are chased out.

Gorges exits the team (from behind the Priceberg). Forecheck comes up with it. Best offensive creativity for the first line occurs. It’s short but fragrant. Two shots and one quality scoring chance.


Just over seven minutes left. Montreal still trails 2-1.

White line keeps it deep, keeps it in doubt for Carolina. Pace increases. Both teams are in six-minute mode.

Ah, modes. Faceoff. (Can’t we keep the pie in the sky for three revolutions?)

We return from a pause. Hamrlik is called. Five minutes and a half. Just a series of half-pies and quarter-pies this season. Lots of 2-1, 1-0 and 3-2. With a small bouquet of tragic sighs.

Montreal kills the first minute and twenty seconds very effectively

Wallin gets a long shot and it’s the only decent shot of the attack. Price stops it and gives no rebound. Very nice save. Man, he’s getting better.

After the faceoff, Montreal makes chopping, attentive work of the remainder of five-on-four. And the avuncular Hamrlik is back.

Three minutes and seventeen seconds are left as Metropolit turns and rolls on a body check deep. No possession comes of it.

Then Montreal goes offside on the next segment. Cammalleri?

Moen line is on for the faceoff.

Plekanec wins it.

Puck goes down the boards. Someone chases it. It goes around back of Legace. It goes in front. And it goes in. And I don’t give a hoot how it got in.

Montreal 2, Carolina 2.

It was Kostitsyn.

Took the puck from behind the net after a failed shot and backhanded it in front where it deflected into the net.

Crowd is into it for the first time. Two minutes and fifteen seconds left.

Metropolit line is on. Montreal is controlling the puck in the neutral zone and the crowd is doing an ole chant.

Legace is nearly beaten. Carolina exits in response, three-on-two. Which is punctured at the top of the slot.

But Carolina is in again, Cullen. Just over a minute.

Alberts shoots from the blue line and his stick breaks (remember that week when Souray’s stick kept breaking?).

Hand pass stops play. It’s Alberts and he is now able to get a new stick.

Forty-nine seconds. Behind Montreal’s net. To the side. Out to the neutral zone. Down behind Legace. To the point for Mara. Shot wide. Behind the net. Metropolit. In front. Someone shrieks. Pass floats to the blue line. Passed to the side boards. Kept in. Kept in. Finally the siren goes.

Where was all this control in the second period?

Montreal leads on shots 34-25 after a 13-13 margin in the third.

Montreal 2, Carolina 2

Kostitsyn, like all shy kids to me, is an enigma. An Enigman. What does that facial expression mean? What about that one? Now what does this non-expression mean? Send us someone. His mother. His brother. His old coach. Get us a Russian assistant coach.

Four-on-four begins with Cammalleri and Plekanec.

Cullen is on for Carolina. He makes me nervous.

Kostitsyn is on with Gomez. AK46 shoots it through the slot at an angle.

Price is on one knee and in good position as Carolina tries to control down by his net.

Mara helps on an attack with Metropolit. No shot.

All this space. Four-on-four. Makes a circle of a square.

Cammalleri is on with Plekanec now. Cullen is on against them. He is paired with Cole.

Cullen has it behind the net and turns out of the corner and shoots high. It was going for the corner and Price got a glove on it. Now Corvo gets a shot that Price stops.

Spacek gets called for a stick penalty. Corvo goes down hard. Spacek was careless as he whacked for a puck with one hand. It was an accident. Spacek is very frustrated with it.

Corvo gets up slowly but he seems ok.

Muller is talking with Mara. Maurice is surveying and thinking. An assistant is talking with Corvo and Ruutu. It’s a timeout.

We get a chance to hear from Bouchard.

And this will mean a two minute penalty against Montreal with just one minute left. It’s a four-minute penalty since blood was drawn but the extra three minutes won’t be used against Montreal if it goes into a shootout.

In case you were wondering.

Four on three.

Carolina has good control. First shot is stopped. And I think Gorges blocked it. Canadiens clear it quickly.

Just over a minute. Minute and twenty.

My typing is losing its fluidity and accuracy.

I can’t handle this.

Price blocks it at the side. He has a good new technique with those side shots now. Robin Hood. One knee up one pad down. Glove draping the post. Stick level.

Gorges has a good demeanour.

Montreal wins the faceoff. Hamrlik clears.

Corvo brings it in but it is intercepted by Hamrlik. Nearly results in a break for Plekanec.

Price slipping, puck sliding. It works.

Ten seconds. They clear.

Price stops one last one. Time ends.

Keyboard is giving less traction.

Replay shows the infuriating Cole standing in front of price matching his movements. Get out of our slot.

Montreal 2, Carolina 2

Canadiens choose to shoot first. Cammalleri.

Skates slowly onto the ice. Touches his helmet. Puts the single glove that was off back on. Adjusts his sleeves. Pulls his jersey. Moves to the puck. Skates slowly away and around. Pulls at his elbow. Pulls at his crest. Touches his helmet again. Adjusts elbow pad.


Fakes. Shoots. Stopped.

Carolina is up. Ruutu. What for.

Skates. Takes. Dekes. Goes right to left. Price moved to respond very well. Long leg. Stopped it. Going left to his right.


In and over. Shot. Stopped. Touched by the love.

Jussi Jokinen. Brunet says he can put the puck where he wants to.

Goes in. Sweeps in from the right going left. Another right pad save. Price seems to heighten.

Kostitsyn. Come on Andrei. Do it. Goes in. Deke. Goes for the five. Stopped. Almost.

Brind’Amour. Lug. Goes in. Price stops him. Old and cold.

Three shots each have been extinguished. We go to one and ones.

Plekanec misses on the backhand. Stopped by Legace.

Samsonov. Sergei Samsonov. He hears the boos. Brunet says he’s a scorer.

Goes in with that Mats Naslund gait of his.  Nothin’.

Latendresse. Oy.

Deke. Backhand. Fails.

Bryan Rodney. Defenceman. Number 33.

Price. Carey. Glove. Look from an oven follows.


Scores. Who would have thought it. Well, not me. He whoops like Begin as he returns to the bench. Deke. Shot.

Price. Looking zero.

Beaten. Stops it. How?


Price. What a save.

I wanted the team to win this so badly and I had no idea that I did.

Montreal 3
Carolina 2 (SO)

HDS Stars: Carey Price, Andrei Kostitsyn, Matt Cullen
RDS Stars: Tomas Plekanec, Matt Cullen, Carey Price

Ante-Chambre guys infuriate me for the first time this season as they anoint Maxim Lapierre the hero. Unbelievable. Partisan hogwash. Price was at his best tonight and he has risen to a new level as a goalkeeper. Tonight marks a turning point in this kid’s career. And these guys all want to talk about their good ol’ boys. Have another arrow.

And where are the Anglophones on this show?

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1 JP Cast. { 11.18.09 at 1:25 AM }

Nice closing!

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2 Homme de Sept-Iles { 11.18.09 at 5:23 AM }

You always like those genuine emotional reactions.

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