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Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers

February 12, 2010, by Homme De Sept-Iles

Musings and In-Game Scribbles

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones).

Montreal Canadiens (29-25-6) visit Philadelphia Flyers (30-25-3)

Friday, February 12, 2010
Game Sixty-Two (score posted following scribbles)

Missed the game? Musings and In-Game Scribbles are typed during the game then edited and posted. Usually the RDS telecast of the game. Musings take about 20 minutes to read. More detailed than an article, less waiting than for a looping highlight and good with morning coffee.

First game of a double-header tonight (Flyers Friday, Flyers Saturday). Young phenom (another anointee) PK Subban is going to play his first game as a Hab tonight. Markov is injured. And new forward Dominic Moore, recently acquired from Florida Panthers for a second round draft choice is also going to dress for Vos Glorieux.

I believe defencemen peak latest of all players. Let’s see how Subban does tonight. If his debut is like Weber’s, Subban will be mostly invisible and be a bit out of his element because of the significant increase in game-speed from the AHL to the NHL level. Subban has done well in his time with Montreal’s AHL affiliate Hamilton Bulldogs.

Subban is known as a confident and personable character and, generally, the media loves him. Toronto kid. I imagine he will make a positive impression with this scribe but let’s see. I can only share what I believe.

Carey Price and Michael Leighton are your goaltenders tonight. Rob Martell and Kelly Sutherland are the refs.

First Period

Montreal’s Scott Gomez wins the faceoff.

They chase it down.

It’s out.

Delinquent Dan Carcillo’s long pass glides to the corner where O’Byrne and Gomez can’t stop Philadelphia’s set-up. Puck leaves soon afterward. Carcillo is the team leader in penalty minutes with 149. Philadelphia is the worst team at following the rules. Their 296 minutes places them 30th in the 30-team league. Nobody has more minutes.

Tomas’ Plekanec line is on for Montreal after a faceoff. Long shot from Jaroslav Spacek goes wide. Entry ends and the pace continues at a slow level.

Long shot on Price ends the sequence. Faceoff to his right.

Subban is paired with Hal Gill. He handles a pass from Gill and sends it back quickly. Subban is wearing #76.

The languid pace continues.

The unsavoury Chris Pronger cannons a Philadelphia shot. Crossbar. Out.

Moore is playing a low-key game, too.

No whistle as the prisoners on ice try and rattle our smooth heroes. Crete is shocked at the lack of referee interference. They’re in prison outfits as well. Welcome to the Spectrum.

Overestimated Jeff Carter and Scott Hartnell are the principal rinds on this occasion. Milling and buffeting opponents in the crease. If the only tool you own is a hammer…

Brunet says there are bizarre things going on tonight.

Price gets shoved out of the crease. Or something. Nearly a goal against.

Hartnell gets in alone. In front of Price. Looking like Wayne. Stopped.

Unexpected. That he looked like Wayne. Yeah, that Wayne.

O’Byrne retrieves behind Price. This all ends in the neutral zone.

Long Flyer pass turns into icing.

We see the Hartnell chance again.

This feels like it’s going to be the worst reffed game of the season. T’would be a shame since most, if not all, Montreal games have been well-officiated. Welcome to the Spectrum.

Canadiens enter. Plekanec. Gets a backhand chance. Puck is immobilized.

Countdown to the ceremonies clock is shown. Waste of space.

Plekanec is behind the Montreal net. Bodies fall. Lots of Flyers falling tonight. Skating like eight-year olds. Eight-year old boars on skates. I mean boors.

Your refs are from robust parts of the country; Richmond, BC and Winnipeg, Manitoba. “We’re gonna let em play.” Use the classic Timmy’s tone on that.

Watching games reffed with cave drawings as the philosophy is not pleasant.

We get a shot of Flyer head coach Peter Laviolette in an orange tie and dark suit. He has his hands clasped in front of him as he jaws with a player. Then he leans forward to further make a conversational point of some kind. I’m sure it’s hockey-related.

Faceoff to Leighton’s left.

Canadiens win it but have to regroup.

They move it to the neutral zone.

Action continues on the perimeter.

Lobbed puck bounces at centre ice and twirls into the Flyer zone.

Whistle. Interference.

The linesmen have strikingly Flintstone thug features. Just how much street control does your buddy Bobby have? Uh, not Orr.
Flyers go to the power-play. O’Byrne.

Flyers can’t generate much. Hartnell is on. Yes, it’s all related. Skating and scoring chances have a reasonable correlation.

Stick to Price’s face as he is on the ice. And the Flyers jam at it like witch-hunters. And it goes in. Hartnell’s pitchfork was sharpest.

No call. What.

Oh, I get it, the referees are wearing orange, black and white.

Brunet suggests they may have to check and see if there was goaltender interference.

Goal counts.

Philadelphia 1, Montreal 0

Gomez goes to the box.

Flyers are unable to do anything hockey-like. Oh wait, they get a pass to the point.

Period ends.

Philadelphia leads on shots 11-6.

First Intermission
Philadelphia 1, Montreal 0

Francois Gagnon is wearing a black outfit with a white tie. Nineteen eighty-seven comes to mind. So does Al Capone. Renaud Lavoie is beside Gagnon and presents glittering talking points designed to reflect intelligence on himself. He fails.

I am told by my visiting guest (from Ottawa) that Farmville is designed to slow down after some time in order to encourage people to buy cows or other farm items. I am told this is the business model.

Lavoie feels that Canada will finish fourth in the Olympics. The hockey team, he means. That’s about where I see it falling as well. We agree. Have a pig.

Hartley’s look is very well-dressed criminal, as well. I like it. It’s sharp. Hartley is flanked by Joel Bouchard and Lavoie. Hartley says that both O’Byrne and Gomez’ penalties were bad ones. A good one is one that prevents a certain goal.

Brown is a very tricky colour to get right on a suit. Bouchard’s brown ain’t working.

Why is the long-haired guy always the unemployed guy in this commercial? Why.

My guest pipes up that he was unemployed til he cut his hair. I ignore this silliness.

They interview PK Subban. He’s not white. He’s like Laraque. Laraque has shown a recent interest in the Green Party. Politics after hockey. Always interesting.

Second Period
Philadelphia 1, Montreal 0

I realise with some horror that Hartnell is sort of like a white, bulky version of me. Especially since I haven’t shaved today. White. Black. Hmm. Pink. Tan. What’s it all mean.

Moore inexplicably does a Denis Savard spin as he crosses the Philly blue line. The move is wasted and I commend the Flyer defender for not flooring Moore. It must have been tempting.

Welcome to the Spectrum. It’s turned me into a lout.

The term affirmative action doesn’t exist in Canada. It’s called employment equity. I’m down either way. Sign me up.

Flyers score.

Carter from the blue line. Five hole. How did that go in?

Philadelphia 2, Montreal 0

Coburn shoots from the point. High and wide.

Three-on-two. From Philadelphia.

Action slips into diagonals. The chase lanes change. They’re abnormal spaces. Part of the reason is the Canadiens aren’t chasing the puck. And the Flyers can’t skate straight.

And this is what happens.

Another long ugly goal. The Flyers score more ugly goals than any other NHL team. Look it up. Or just watch. Ugly goals are goal-jams and long tip-ins. This one was a long tip-in. Ugly as an orange gorilla.

Philadelphia 3, Montreal 0

Subban looks tall on the ice. He’s also a good passer. Now he takes a confident-looking shot from the point.

Subban’s presences have been good so far. He’s listed as six feet even. Looks taller.

Desharnais line is on.

Philadelphia’s Brad Richards drives in one-on-two. Moments later Price makes a medium-level save on a slot shot. Replay shows it was medium to high. “Gusting up to high” as the dean might write.

The dean got in trouble the other day when Carbo found out that the dean had written “somewhere Carbo is smiling” in reference to Gainey’s resignation announcement. Carbonneau said he would have liked a phone call prior to that assumption. I get both sides on this one.

Action resumes after a faceoff to Leighton’s right.

Flyers exit on a two-on-two. Puck is sluiced to the right. Gorges does the good work.

Canadiens exit the other way. Metropolit with Moen. Two-on-two. Shot goes high and into the crowd. Deflection.

Pronger gets called for holding. His demeanour is that of a crumpled velour royal man who knows he must pay the odd public tithe in order to keep up appearances. He considers the charade an absurdity, however, and his mouthed words in the penalty box indicate as much.

Intrepid Glen Metropolit and Plekanec are on the first wave.

Desharnais is in the slot. Roman Hamrlik and Spacek are on the blue. Markov has a minor injury and is not playing tonight. If this was a gambler’s league, I would have known this early this morning. Fortunately, gamblers don’t like this league much. And I can live with not knowing.

Gomez flies into the Philly net hard as the penalty winds down. Four seconds left.

Gomez fanned on a sure goal. Puck was bouncing. Backhand pass was from Darche flying down the right side. Whammo-whammo. He’s ok.

Whistle goes a few seconds later and Gorges goes to the box for high-sticking.

Accidental. Hartnell took it in the face.

Faceoff is to Price’s right. A new car.

Canadiens exit. Gomez down the left. Passes to Gionta. Backhand shot in flight. Wide. Flyers respond with a rush of their own. Montreal’s coverage is good and Price is able to make a save on a poor-angle shot.

Moore and Kostitsyn are the second kill-pairing. One minute in the penalty to Gorges.

Habs clear it out after some low-wattage attack ideas from Philadelphia. Canadiens look better than they really are on this penalty-kill. Cuz Philly is all bone and no flesh.

Jeff Carter might be the best player Philadelphia has (besides Briere). If that’s your second-best player …

Faceoff to Leighton’s right. Canadiens win it. Keep it in. A shot. Dangerous. Then a shot from Subban. Point. Also a good one.

Subban is looking quite good, moke.

Darche is on with Plekanec. The Flyers control the puck with long passes. Square shape. That ends.

Suddenly Aaron Asham is swerving through Price’s crease with the puck. Save.

Gomez line is on. Clever drop pass for Gionta. Gionta’s return pass to Gomez is intercepted near the Philly blue line.

Price has to dive to end a Philadelphia incursion. Shot from the top of the circle was high and Price gloved it high and then watched it escape his glove and land to his right. Closed on it.


Canadiens win and mount a rush. It ends with a net off its moorings and a strength-only backhand attempt stopped by Leighton. Not Moen’s usual technique. He has to work every night just to stay in the league. But he works every night. So he will stay in the league. Moen pushed and kept the lane and the space. Didn’t get pushed out of the (table-hockey) groove. Was rewarded by a backhand.

Gorges gets back for a long missed pass by Philadelphia. Action stays along the boards. Canadiens are covering well.

They stop the Flyer entry and move out. Long pass becomes a refused shot; icing against Montreal.

Faceoff is near Price. Right.

Plekanec takes it but Philly’s Simon Gagne traps and works it along the boards. Puck goes to the blue line and then across. Shot. Wide. Gloved by Price.

Flyers win the faceoff. Sergei and Plekanec stay on the ice. Gagne retains the puck til sending it to the wrong player.

Gomez shoots backhanded on a three-on-two. Leighton stops it. Rebound goes out to the opposite circle-top. Another shot. Gloved and held.

David Desharnais and Mathieu Darche are on with Lapierre. They get some brief control and return to their usual role as panting dogs.

Darche gives the puck away exiting the zone and Price faces a stunted three-on-one and gets across to make the best save of the game, so far.

Three and a half minutes left in the second period.

O’Byrne moves it out from behind his blue line.

Pace picks up. Canadiens are taking it there.

Finally, they decide to put an effort in. A greater effort.

D’Agostini is on with Kostitsyn and Plekanec. Plekanec gives it away. Price saves their eggs. Twice.

Gomez picks it up from behind the Montreal net.

Possession results. Five seconds. Canadiens have to retrieve but they are now setting the pace; even on the penalty kill.

Coburn is called as the Flyers manage to move the puck to the neutral zone. Laviolette looks for mercy from the scoreboard.

Ninety seconds left in the period. Canadiens get the early control they want but two passes later they are retreating for a puck.

Flyers clear again.

Darche, Gionta and Gomez are on. Subban and Hamrlik are the defencemen.

Second wave is Desharnais and Metropolit with Gomez.

They control.

Gomez … turning in the circle area. Shoots. Rebound. Metropolit. Shoots, too. Stopped.

Canadiens have to re-enter.

Two passes but the period ends.

Flyers lead on shots 12-7 and 23-13.

Second Intermission
Philadelphia 3, Montreal 0

Joel Bouchard talks about turnovers.

With Philly, all you have to do is show up and play. Really.

We see the five-hole goal and Bouchard says that D’Agostini was too far back and should have been up more for an outlet pass. As a result, he was also out of position to challenge the pass that went to the blue line. And out of position to play the subsequent shot (by Jeff Carter).

Hartley compliments Subban’s game and we see some footage of his offensive blue line work. He has great acceleration, good awareness of his opponents’ whereabouts and we see a good shot, heavy, on the shown sequence which ends in a Leighton glove save.

Daniel Briere is interviewed. He’s short. And he didn’t want to play in Montreal. What kind of farm animal do we insert here? Mouse? Mouse Breer. Gots a ring, eh. Gots a ring.

Third Period
Philadelphia 3, Montreal 0

Canadiens are out with a sense of tightness. Urgent passing. Smooth ice.

Flyers go offside.

Flyers win the faceoff and are repelled immediately.

Dominic Moore is forechecking for Montreal.

Puck leaves Flyer ice briefly. Lapierre and Gill keep the puck along Philly ice for an extra eight seconds. But it stays on the boards and eventually leaves.

Canadiens regroup. They enter. Subban is swift. Give and go. Subban goes to the crease. Just not fast enough.

He pursues the puck and sends it behind the net. Returns to position. Meanwhile the puck pings and pangs and is in the net. Lapierre.

Montreal 1, Philadelphia 3

Gomez line is on.

Canadiens continue the pressure. It increases.

Dominic Moore scores. Three quality scoring chances in total on this sequence.

Montreal 2, Philadelphia 3

Moore stays on the ice. Plekanec is with him. Et Sergei. Some guy was calling him Surr-Guy on The Score, yesterday.

Metropolit is on next with Moen. Lapierre is there as well.

Subban is called for tripping. He raises his hands. Sure sign. Don’t raise the hands. Houde’s rule.

With 4:13 elapsed, Montreal has to kill a penalty.

Timonen is on with Carter and Hartnell. Pronger is on one point.

Puck moves in an ugly black and orange trapezoid.

Shot is stopped by Price. Sounded like a post but Crete believes it’s a straight save.

Flyers are forced out and return. More perimeter passing. Canadiens keep up with the disc. But Philly gets a shot off. And Price stops it as well.

He is the reason this is still a game.

Montreal trips. Moore. The new guy. Both new guys are in the box.


Carter versus Plekanec on the draw to Price’s left. Gorges does great work to nearly move it out. He gets help from Plekanec. Then the Canadiens clear again. Flyers are back in but the two-man advantage is over. One man advantage for seventy seconds.

Canadiens trip again. This one is not called.

Simon Gagne misses a sure goal from the slot.

Canadiens survive, pick up the ricochet and clear.

Gomez hops on. Gorges gets the puck to Sergei. He makes two good moves one-on-two as he crosses the Philadelphia blue line. Loses the puck after a shot attempt.

Martin is yelling at the referee. It ain’t pleasant. Sergei was called for tripping. It’s tight.

Subban doesn’t like it either.

Martin is still talking about it.

Faceoff is to Price’s left.

Canadiens play with passion and precision. Apologies to Neal Peart.

Forty seconds in the penalty.

Flyers can’t do much. Then they interfere with Plekanec on a sure two-on-one. Coburn got away with it. That’s how low-skilled players survive in this league and this is why people in executive positions support or ignore this type of hockey.

Penalties are dead.

Kostitsyn and Plekanec create two good chances in the Flyer zone.

Just under ten minutes left in the period.

Flyers panic and have to send it down. Skill-drained teams must do this more often than most. I wonder how many icing calls Philly has incurred this season.

Laviolette calls an ice businessman’s time-out. He ends one sentence with “… pick it up.”

Lapierre takes the faceoff to Leighton’s left.

Action moves out of the Flyer zone quickly. Flyers realise they are in trouble. But effort can only go so far. Talent is important. It does have a place. If desire was the only thing that counted than I should be tending goal for the Canadiens.

Flyers enter. Shot and save. Price.

Countdown to oppression continues. Forty-four minutes before the Olympic coverage on RDS begins. Whitewash and willful ignorance in French and in English. Bilingual disenfranchisement of an indigenous culture. Novel.

Lapierre is in. Off-wing. Shot. To the boards. Subban keeps it in play.

Subban is good. Now he is offering support offensively

Subban and Markov on the same line would be very good. Maybe even great. Subban shoots right.

Six minutes left in the game.

Moore stickhandles. Outside the Flyer blue. Leans. Sends it in. Flyers move it out.

Now some neutral zone dithering results in Plekanec taking the puck in on the right and passing it cross-ice to his left for a long shot.

Puck goes to the neutral zone and beyond where Montreal retrieves. Lapierre gets a shot on the next sequence. Right to the crest. Gloved. Play is stopped.

The majority of RDS respondents (57%) believe that Canada will win the gold at the Industrial Games. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Not likely. Not with that lineup. And not with the other lineups.

Four minutes. Subban is flying down the left side. Dumps it in. Chases. Is knocked down. Brunet says it should have been interference.

Canadiens attack.

They give up a near-breakaway. O’Byrne dives. Pushes it away. A Flyer falls over his stick. Price leaps over an incoming Flyer in his crease. It works. The net is full of Flyer.

No whistles.

Two and a half minutes.

Crowd begins some odd Pennsylvania chant.

Flyers ice.

Gorges touches it to get the whistle.

Martin is saying “c’mon, c’mon!”

O’Byrne watches with a mouthguard hanging slightly past his lips.

Canadiens win the faceoff. Subban shoots. Rebound is a gift. Pyatt can’t get his stick on it. Appears to be held or otherwise interfered with. No call.

Ninety seconds.

Moore is on.

Flyers have the puck. They dump it in.

Spacek takes a vicious hit. They’re calling it. Hamrlik stays calm for a few seconds and then goes after Darroll Powe. It’s always the Canadians who deliver the most vicious of blows. The Miami Hurricanes of the NHL. Canadian players. Powe is from Saskatchewan and he deserves to be out of hockey.

Spacek is still down. Trainer is out. Someone in my living room asks me what is a fair hit and what isn’t. She says it all looks violent. I say something about intent to injure but end in mumbles. None of it belongs, is what I really think.

Hamrlik goes to the box.

Price goes to the bench for an extra attacker. Play will resume momentarily.

The Flyer goes to the box for roughing. Two minutes. How about two years?

Thirty seconds. Gomez is in. Canadiens are working low. Hard.

They get the puck free and move it around. Pass. Real chance. Not enough time for another. Darche gets into it with a Flyer. Fighting begins.


Fighting threatens to break out elsewhere.

Leighton grabs Subban.

Plekanec is instructing Subban.

Pronger is in there and getting a bit nervous as Gomez yells at him. Odd. Especially considering the size difference. The officials separate the players.

Philadelphia 3
Montreal 2

Philly crowd loves the fighting. Ugly people. Ugly team.

HDS Stars: Carey Price, PK Subban, Scott Gomez
RDS Stars: Jeff Carter, Scott Hartnell, PK Subban

One period does not a game make. Price played two periods. Gomez played one. Subban played three. The Flyers don’t deserve stars. Slop is slop.

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1 theo { 02.13.10 at 6:44 AM }

where his the video of this final fight??

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2 Homme de Sept-Iles { 02.13.10 at 4:53 PM }

It occurred after the final siren. I’m not sure who might have the footage but RDS’ website might have it. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

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