The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile

Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers

January 15, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

Musings and In-Game Scribbles

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones).

Montreal Canadiens (24-16-3) host New York Rangers (26-16-3)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Game Forty-Five (score posted following scribbles)

Missed it? Musings capture the game in writing. A written transcript typed during the game, posted and edited about thirty minutes afterward.  Based on the RDS French telecast of the Montreal Canadiens game, Musings take about 20 minutes to read. More detailed than an article, fresher than a looping highlight and good with morning coffee. Or late-night chocolate.  A unique way to re-experience the game.

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Maudlin.  Given to misting.  Et mon equipe.

Acceuillons, Vos Canadiens!

Halpern line starts.  Moen and Andrei Kostitsyn.  Gill and Subban underneath.  Your buddy Pricey in net.

And my best reason for ce soir?  David Desharnais.  His weepy, genuine pre-taped pre-game interview further confirmed to me that he has the right stuff to wear La Sainte Flanelle.

The Rangers?  Just a pawn’s rhyme in hockey’s greatest narrative.

Jean Beliveau is in attendance as usual tonight and I’ve never been so happy to see him.  Desharnais spits onto the ice as he considers the game ahead.  Pouliot looks down and reflects, then dons his blue cap.

Henrik Lundqvist is the Ranger boy.  Refs are Wes McCauley and Don Van Massenhoven.

First Period

Montreal’s Jeff Halpern crabs over and wins the draw.

One pass and a dump-in.  Canadiens are in an emotionally savage mood tonight.  Why?  Don’t know but this will be a first ten minutes to weather for the visitors.

Lars Eller line hops on.  Tomas Plekanec and healed Michael Cammalleri with him.  Interesting.

They lose it on the boards.  Hamrlik corrects and sends it in.  Eller loses it to under-skilled Marc Staal under the end line.

Cammalleri digs in at the blue line.  It’s out for three seconds and Plekanec is sent in.  What force.  Through.  And a shot.   Save.  Desperation of a late-period surge.

Montreal’s Scott Gomez line.

Rangers bungle at the Montreal end boards.  Montreal breaks out.

Gomez.  To Montreal captain Brian Gionta.  Accelerates and shoots from the hash.  Too sharp.

Montreal defenceman Hal Gill retrieves.  Short.  Gomez.  Max Pacioretty.  Turnover.

Yes, Cammalleri is back from the virus.

Rangers’ entry.

Sean Unsavery.  Shot.  Wide.  Puck in the slot.  Price out of sorts.  No shot.

Montreal entry.

Roman Hamrlik at the blue.  Shot.

Mister Roman keeps it in.

Now out.  Pace is Montreal-forced.  Houde says it’s like a playoff game.  Brunet says something insipid in a tone of hauteur.

Sixteen left.

Montreal defencemen Yanick Weber and Jaroslav Spacek underneath.  Halpern line.  Moen on the right.  Most of his moxie.  And a slot pass.  Munged up in the legs.

Gill takes down a man.  Prevents a rush. Rangers are in trouble.

Chasing.  Confused.  Bungling.

Ranger boards.  Canadiens can’t contain.  Pacioretty backchecks and is a part of the exit.

Gomez on the left.  Around the net.  Puck goes through and to the blue.  Kept in.

Out and then a reset.  Wisniewski takes initiative.  All the way down the left.  Passes.

Stays in.

Hash.  Montreal winger Benoit Pouliot.  To Hamrlik.  Long shot. Gloved.  Six minutes without pause ends there.  Faceoff to his right.


Hell is inside them tonight.  Someone said something.  The playoffs start tonight.  I like the timing.


Plekanec wins the draw.  Cammalleri misses an open look.  Cammalleri intercepts at the circle; in his sweet spot.  Shoots.  Wide.

Rangers escape.

Hovering at the Montreal blue.  Backhanded to the end boards.

Wingers aren’t helping.

Eller and Cammalleri.  Moments later the puck goes in the Montreal net.

Ranger’s Dan Boyle.

Struggle at the side of the net.  Nobody takes the body.  Four Habs watching.  Price was pushed into the net with the puck.

Rangers 1, Canadiens 0

Halpern line follows.

All that for what.

Respond.   And backcheck.  Care.  Or play in California.  San Jose, say.


Insightful Joel Bouchard says that this tempo is like the Pittsburgh game.  The early part.

Faceoff to Price’s left.  Halpern stays in the circle and wins another.

Entry.  Halpern.  Moen supports.  Andrei is floating.  Now he goes to the net.  Whistle.  Canadiens penalty.  Subban is annoyed.  Complaining.  Slashing.  Complains to the guy in the box.  That bald guy; he’s offscreen.

Rangers power-play.

Moen and Plekanec.  Gill and Weber.

Rangers keep it in.  Moen picks it away and fires it down from the blue.

Ranger entry.  Montreal defenceman the recent former Islander James Wisniewski.  Gionta.  Combine to poke, carry and move it out.

Staal falls.  Interception Halpern.  Brakes.  At the inner hash.  Shot.  Out of play.

Faceoff deep left.  Desharnais.  Loses it.  Girardi starts them out.  And it’s in.  Halpern is at it first.  Shot out.

Fifty seconds.

Eleven minutes in the period.  Ranger dump-in.

Canadiens dump-out.  Lundqvist leaves it for Girardi.

Down the left.  Gionta.  Fires it.  Stays at the blue.  Three Habs.  Three Rangers.  Great work.  Staal’s pass is intercepted across the blue.  And shot down.

Subban is back.

Ten in the period.

Price swipes at it low.  Supported and exited.  Rangers’ defenceman Steve Eminger passes it to nobody.  Price handles and leaves it.  To the blue.  Eminger.  Shot.  Wide.  Deflected.

Another blue line shot.  In legs.

Rangers’ forward Ruslan Fedotenko emerges across the slot.  Shot.  Price’s pad snakes left.  Puck is wide, anyway.


Plekanec takes the faceoff against Ranger captain Chris Drury.  Price’s left.  Wins it.  Gill gets it.  Dangerous pass to Plekanec who keeps it out of danger.  Another sly pass by Gill requiring quick wits by the receiving forward.  Finally Canadiens are out.  Rangers cover.  Shot.  Pad save.

Rangers make Price pad and smother.  Faceoff to his left.

Commercial first.

Montreal possession.  Pacioretty to Subban and a shot.  Out of play.  But a penalty against Dubinsky.  Took down Subban.  A bit on the border.

Montreal power.  Brunet can’t see the same as the rest of us.

One pass.  Two.  Tape to tape to tape.  Three.  Shot.  Hamrlik.  Deflects.  Off Mathieu Darche’s skate?  It’s in.

Canadiens 1, Rangers 1

The dim Benoit Brunet, colour man for Reseau des Sports says it’s a very important goal.  Good, Benoit.  Merci for that.  Good, Benoit.  Why don’t you repeat that?

Good, Benoit.

No, I meant Benoit.

Gomez line.

Gionta.  Fury on ice.  Gomez draws a penalty.  Crowd in froth.  Tortorella in an affable doomsday resignation.

Montreal power.

Montreal assistant coach Kirk Muller is interviewed.  By Bouchard.  Discipline is the subject.  Muller’s “I just swallowed a marble” expression is his signature close-out to an interview.  Lemon-urge nod.  Hey, I love the guy.

Wisniewski.  Again, better in all aspects than Bergeron.

Natural quarterback.

They set up.  Work it around.  Finally from Subban to Plekanec on the low circle.  In.  Subban faked the shot and then passed.  The progress is there for PK.

Montreal 2, New York 1

Pouliot line.  And they are in quickly.  And out and then back in.  Pacioretty’s skating is a liability.  Not a pro skater.  Trade him.  Something.

Halpern line.  Moen to the net.  Desharnais a few steps behind.  Shot.  Long rebound through the slot.  No sticks reply.  Rangers ice it.

Ranger head coach John Tortorella needs a team.

Deep left.  Halpern.  Whistled.  Halpern stays.  Wins.  Stays in.  Under the end line.  To the slot.  Blast.  In.

Andrei Kostitsyn.

Montreal 3, New York 1

Andrei is so happy.  Most emotive I’ve ever seen him.  Yes, I’m smiling in that way.  Of course, I want him to stay.

Newberry starts a fight with Moen.  What a jerk.  Moen smashes Newberry.  Newberry tries not to cry.  Hey, you started it botch.

They both leave the ice.

Fighting is for trogs.

Halpern won the draw right before the Newberry baby bone brain bash.

Andrei makes me laugh in delight.  Extra effort.  Good puckhandling; desire and fire.  He asked for a meeting with Martin.  What was said?  I’m down.

Three minutes.  I almost skipped this game, ya know.  Yeah, really.  I needed to see this.  This pride.

Pouliot.  Shot off a drop-pass.  Wide.

Canadiens keep the puck.  Hamrlik retreats.  Up.  Back.  Behind the net.  The Canadiens start out.

Long pass bounces past the sticks.  Rangers try and get out.  Plekanec and others prevent it.  Puck rounds the horseshoe.  And it’s out on the other side.

Eller is in.  Down the right.  Backhander high.  Gloved.

Lundqvist is going to shut things down.  The best Ranger.  I don’t know what happened to Drury but he hasn’t been the same player since the spring.

Gill takes a pass.  Shot.  Wide.  Rangers exit from the corner.  Repelled at centre ice.

Pacioretty.  Uses the screen.  Excellent high shot.  Off the shoulder.  Dangerous rebound.  Stays in for a few seconds.  Rangers survive.  Scrambling.  Panicking.

Canadiens lead 16-5 on shots.

Halpern line.

Crowd sees a missed call.

Refs let another one go.  Kostitsyn was taken down both times.  National Hockey dolts.  Let someone with quals run the league you triumphalist trough-slobberers.


Montreal led on shots 16-6.

First Intermission
Montreal 3, New York 1

God, these Quebec anti-drug ads are graphic.  Effective, too?  Hmm.

Mario Tremblay says let’s keep the shootout but let’s impose some stricter rules on the shooters.  Prevent the hanging spin-arama stuff.  Fair enough.

Alain Crete asks about Ottawa players that may come available in the off-season.  Chris Phillips?  Mario says “oui”.  I dit non.  Not a Canadien.  Low-calibre character.

That matters in Montreal.

What about Alfredsson?  Unlikely, yes, I know.

Cows are bad for grass.

Penguins keep winning on false confidence.  Goes to show that people like Anthony Robbins have some very valid points about beliefs and related systems of neural pathways to action.

Pens believe they are actually former Stanley Cup champions.  Detroit outplayed them that series.  But went home Cupless.  Ah, Dommage.

I’m sure many slave-owners were unhappy when their little cartel came to an end.  Blacksmiths were probably sad in their own time as well.

Second Period
Montreal 3, New York 1

Rangers are in a panic.  Staal carries and nearly falls, unaided, before bumbling up to retain his balance and send an awkward pass to nobody.

Canadiens recover the puck soon enough.

Darche, Cammalleri and Plekanec.  Can’t retain on the Ranger end boards.

Form centre ice Plekanec eyes and then fires into the deep boards.  Possession.  Clever backhander to the low slot by Plekanec.  No Habs in sight.

Price retrieves a puck.  Canadiens are repelled at half-ice.  They return.  Rangers are in trouble.  Canadiens control.  Smooth line changes.

Shot in.  And out again.

Spacek.  From Price.  Puck goes out of play.  Delay of game.  Spacek.  Dag.

Rangers power.

Rangers in the slot.  Now in the crease.  Rangers’ formation is unique.  Three in a vertical line in front of Price.  They break from it to a more standard look.  Two at the blue and three across.  Now two deep again.

The most dangerous Ranger Marian Gaborik is under the end line.

Plekanec and sturdy forward Travis Moen have some trouble with the formations but finally a Ranger passes, as he must, and it is intercepted.  By Moen.


Ranger power-play is creative and effective.  Another shot.  Cleared.

But the turnovers continue and the penalty ends with Boyle falling, untouched behind Price’s net.  Falling untouched.  This is an indicator.  Of what, do you think?  Or do you need Benoit to explain?


Wisniewski and Hamrlik underneath.  They combine to pass it into Ranger ice.  Puck is on the boards.  Nobody is feeling it.  Wait.  Avery is.  He leads the play.  Chases.  Falls.  Up again.  Has the puck again.  Continues his good work.  And a third time behind the Montreal net.  To the blue.  Somebody needs to challenge him.

Hamrlik ices.

Houde wonders about the time-out here.  Martin seems to be considering it.  No.  Licks his lips.  Looks down.  Up.  Down.  Swears to himself.  Shakes his head to himself.  Hands in pocket.  And a time-out is called after all.  Hamrlik spits water and we are shown he has played 11:27 so far.

Weber goes to the training room.  Stops.  Bends over at the waist in the hall.  Trainer is with him.  Took a puck on the inside of his foot, we are shown.

Rangers take the faceoff deep left.  Boyle and Plekanec.  Plekanec is asked to leave.  Cammalleri neutralizes it.  Gets support.  Subban loses it to Fedotenko on the boards.  On the boards it stays.  Around.  And now Boyle loses control of the puck at the blue.  Stickhandling?  Boyle.  Got it?

Did you get that Sergei.

Andrei has a chance on the left.  Good chance.  Shot is wide.

Rangers fail.

At everything.  And now a penalty.  Tortorella bites his lower lip.  Nobody knows.  But him.  Too many men on the ice.

Again, I feel for John Tortorella.  A good man in a bad bank.  The Republican team of the NHL.  Or close enough.  The beleaguered, elephantine, popcorn-crushed, core-rot Rangers.  Like so much of what makes New York sport creaking, corrupt and monolithic.  So sad.

The biggest parapets always attract the worst sort.

Montreal power.

Long shot.  Puck is alone and untouched.  Falling players.  Lundqvist down.  Finally he dives to grab it.


Staal is in idiot.  Standing in the crease, puck untouched.  Or maybe his teammates are idiots.  Nobody cleared.

Maybe they’re all idiots.  What a joke of a team.

Montreal wins the draw.  Move it around.

(Yes, I have considered that I may be the idiot in this formula.  So what.)

Subban shot.  Like a pistol.  No, a rifle.

And another.  Cammalleri


Plekanec shot-pass across the slot is deflected out of play by Darche.

Faceoff outside the blue.  Habs press it in along the boards.  Gomez.  Backhands to Pacioretty on the opposite hash.

Pacioretty touches the puck twice without turnover.  He is at the hydrant.  You’re not Crosby, buddy.

I’m a bit on Crosby’s side these days after those two awful hits.  He may be a whiner, our Disney but he doesn’t deserve concussions.  Especially from players much less than him.  In every way.

Habs power-play ends.

Halpern entry.  Moen was offside.  Three on two ends.

Moen has a disappointed henchman expression as he skates off the ice.


Violins aren’t going to convince me that cars are beautiful.

Now some Francophone pressure from Darche, Desharnais and Pouliot.  Darche’s lead pass for Pouliot in the slot is just a bit long.  Well thought.

I like all three.  I don’t like separatist rednecks.  Mutually exclusive?  Dependent?  I’ll let you write the report.

Just under nine minutes.

Houde brings up Higgins.  Who is absent tonight.  Injury.

Dubinsky takes two muzzle shots bang-bang.  Jeez.  Price.  One of his less pleasant nicknames is Jesus Price.  Not a favourite of mine.  All three.

There was no Jesus.

Faceoff to Barker’s right.  To the blue.

Pacioretty exits.  Down the left.  Unimaginative but strong shot.  Coverage.  Save.

Canadiens resume control with some quick passes.  Drury interception.  Shot.  Save.

Suddenly Drury is on e of the better players on the ice.  Great shift.

To the net.  At the boards.  Harassing.  Controlling.  Finally the Canadiens move it out.

Pace has increased to about as fast a game can get.

Slows a bit as McDonagh and Gilroy share the puck under their blue while new troops arrive.  Whistle moments later.

Pacioretty has a slight beard today.  Spits on the ice.  Seven points in his past 14 games, we are shown.  Three goals and four assists.

Six minutes.

Darche chases it into the corner.

To Pouliot.  Around.  To the point.  Out.  Hamrlik retains.  Across to Wisniewski.  Now a long puck rolls behind the Ranger net.  More turnovers

Canadiens benefit.  Weber’s shot.  Wide.  Bounces in front.  Can’t be had.

Other end.  Price is sharp.  And Massenhoven calls Dubinsky for tripping.  Gotta call that one.  Too obvious.  And Montreal goes to power.

Dubinsky’s stick accidentally got caught in Spacek’s skates, seems.  No matter.

Montreal draw.  Three passes.  Cleared out.

Wisniewski carries.  Pass to Plekanec bursting between the trees.

Muzzle shots.  Three.  Houde loses it.  My heart flashes.  Lundqvist.  What saves.  And another great one seconds later.

Cammalleri stopped like a bolt.  Form the slot.  What a save.  I grit my teeth.  Lundqvist.  Arr!

Canadiens keep the pressure on.  Rangers are doomed.  Only Lundqvist has any sense.

Wow.  More shots.  More legs, saves and great deplacement from Lundqvist.  He just earned the first star.

Penalty ends.  Weber retains.  Candies make it look like a power-play.  Gomez.  Sudden puck to the crease by Pacioretty.  Lundqvist is there.

Another entry.

Suddenly Lundqvist is smashing Pacioretty.  What.  I’ve never seen Lundqvist lose it.

Small melee.  What did he do.

More scrabbling about.

Pacioretty maintains an unapologetic demeanour.

Pacioretty didn’t try and stop.  Put his knee into Lundqvist’s stomach.  And kicked out to finish.  Pacioretty needs to go.  What a dill punk.

Bell Centre crowd taunts Lundqvist.



Pacioretty could’ve slowed.  No.  Didn’t need to kick out with his skate.  The stomach is one of the less protected areas for a goalie.  No plastic.  (I’m old)

Pacioretty is in the box.  Gionta, too.  Pacioretty has a smug look about him.  I shake my head.  Hey, don’t think the coaching staff won’t notice.  Character is like mould.  Very difficult to remove or change.  One Ranger in the box.  Dubinsky again.

Pacioretty; two minutes for closing his hand on the puck.  And two minutes for goaltender interference.  Gionta and Dubinsky are double-minors, I’m guessing.  So a four-minute power-play for Rangers.  No, looks like two.

Faceoff deep right.  Subban emerges.  Can’t shovel it out.  Can’t fire it out seconds later.  But from behind the net it’s cleared.

Lundqvist is booed for touching the puck behind his net.

Bell Centre is yelling at Lundqvist.  Some chant.  Misguided.  Not the whole phone booth.  But a goodly amount.  Young, drunk males.  The best our society has to offer.

Under a minute.  Rangers struggle to set up.

Moen intercepts one now.

Halpern takes a neglected disc outside the blue.

Shot by Desharnais.  Lundqvist is booed for making a save.

Period ends.

Boyle is involved in a melee.  Brunet says he doesn’t understand what happened with the penalty.  I still don’t understand he says.  I can tell you why.  Cactus.

Shots on goal are in Montreal’s favour 13-6 for a total of 29-12.  Houde says that Lundqvist is the reason this is still a game.

Second Intermission
Montreal 3, New York 1

Mario gets a bit fired up and says that Ottawa GM Bryan Murray should send Kovalev home for the rest of the season.  Cites the open criticism leveled by Kovalev against Clouston earlier this season.  Adds that other Ottawa players followed suit.  I’m with Mario on this one.  Kovalev was wrong.  And the Senators have too many old-guard, piss and vinegar types left from the old regime.  Get rid of them all.  Starting with Jason Spezza and Chris Neil.  I can’t imagine the whining and back-stabbing going on with that team.  So much hubris.  And it was bad before Kovie got there.

Spiderman.  Menace or Threat?

Third Period
Montreal 3, Rangers 1
(I can’t decide today … those New York teams, eh)

Members of the crowd are still chanting derision.  Let’s get a grip here.

Early pressure.  Dubinsky tries a puck to the low slot.  Gets there.  Wobbling and uncertain, Gill gets to it and the moment ends.

Wisniewski and Hamrlik mishandle the puck under the Montreal end line.  Ranger shot is weak.

Montreal possession.  Weber shot.  Hard.  Direct.  Another.  Spacek.  Lundqvist has both.

I hope someone explains exactly what Pacioretty did on Ante-Chambre.  Someone will.  Will it be Gaston?

Halpern is finally kicked from the dot.  Kostitsyn loses it like a goat.  Canadiens exit nonetheless.

Halpern.  Skates past his man.  Has it in the corner.  To the slot.  Kostitsyn.  Shot.  Wide.  Had the lane.

Lines change.

Plekanec line.  Gaborik’s hash shot is cupped by Price.

Ranger draw.  Deep left.  Shot on Price and a very good moving right to left.

On his knees he crosses.  Pads low.  Sliding.  Covered and post to post.

Pace is flawed by Ranger turnovers.

Canadiens fire at will.  From the blue.  On entry.  And now a shot from Spacek.  Gloved.  Lundqvist continues his excellence.


Sauer.  Up for Newberry.  Misses it.  Long puck.  Icing.

Faceoff to Lundqvist’s right.

Desharnais loses the draw.  Pouliot reaches but can’t make a difference.  Forget reaching.  Skate til you’re beside the guy.  Don’t be like Tanguay was in his first game as a Hab.

Trouble low.  But four Habs are in the picture.  Pouliot up high.  Montreal regains it.  Long puck.  Girardi has it under his blue.

Into Montreal ice.  Under the end line.  To the slot.

Players bang around, puck flies here and there.  Two Rangers fall to the ice.  Whistle.  No animosity.


Molson’s beer sucks.  I don’t care who they own.

Zuccarello scores.

Two shots from the hydrant.  Ugly.

Montreal 3, New York 2

After scoring, everyone’s talk and confidence, advice and pride.  Where is it before the goal?  Before the touchdown?

Yeah!  I did that.  Yeah!  I did that.  C’mon guys.  Let’s get it going.  C’mon guys!

Idiots who bring their own playbook to an individuals intramural game one.  Appointing themselves quarterbacks after drawing up plays in their kitchen.  Yah.  Ok.

Eleven minutes.

Gomez.  Behind his net.  Pacioretty arrives late and with the usual indifference.  Puck sails away.

Canadiens are carrying the play, however.  Subban loses the disc on the blue.  Follows it.  Awkward backhand turning towards the centre.  It works.  Darche continues the work.  Moments later, play is stopped.

Tortorella continues contemplating his personal doom.  Martin stays incredulous.  It should be 5-1, Montreal.

Under ten.

Prust down the right.  Gill jams him up.  Prust gets back into the action.  Around the net.  Interception after a turn around the net.  A shot.  Price is beaten.  Houde says goal.  Stops.  I see it bounce off something.  No red light.  No goal.  Houde guesses post.

It’s that delicate.

Lundqvist traps a puck.  The grumbling has lessened.  He’s innocent.

Truck ad.

Hamrlik falls as Fedotenko brakes suddenly on a corner run.  Four box for Montreal.  Coverage is excellent.  Three on the boards to one Ranger.  Let the Rangers pass.  Let them skate.

The turnovers will come.  And on.

Under seven.

Staal starts the Rangers out again.  Long turnover.  As opposed to his previous short turnover.

Defencemen should be more turnover-conscious.  Not the Staal types.

Faceoff outside the Montreal blue.

Plekanec loses the draw.

Around the net.  Behind thee Price fort.  Prust.  Unchallenged.  Looks and finds Staal on the blue.  Shot.  Back to Prust behind the net.  Again, nobody wants to take him.  Standing.  Another pass.  Out of play.

Take him.

Truck ad.

Faceoff to Price’s left.

Under six.

Plekanec wins it.  Wisniewski sends it along the boards.  Eller loses the puck battle at the blue to Staal.

Habs shove it out anyway.

Three in.  Cammalleri weaving.  Plekanec and Eller on diagonals to the net.  Backhand pass.  Angle fails.

Rangers deep right.  Boyle wins it.  To the blue.  Wide.  Habs out.

Boyle back in.  Cuts across.  High floating puck.  Price reaches up easily.  Faceoff.  Avery leaves the area for the bench.  He’s been on good behaviour.  Meds?

Deep right Rangers.  Won.  Spacek gets to it first.  Shovels it along his end boards.  Rangers shoot it back in.

Price exaggerates to draw a call.  Waste of energy.

Now he is beaten.  But the puck can’t be raised.

Stoppage.  Price was fortunate.

Brunet is paid to tell us nothing.  Nice work if you can get it.

Four minutes.

He just talks like a know-nothing dad at his four year-old son.  Yabble, yabble, yabble, nothing.

Pouliot.  Right side.  Slow turn, straight back.  To the blue.  Trailing pass fails.

Rangers response sees a puck go up out of play.

Wisniewski’s turnover is shown on the replay.  Good save by Price.

Plekanec line.  Three minutes.

Is this team going to just try and hang on?  Just hang on and be happy?

What a waste.

Lundqvist is responsible, too.

Two on one.  Cammalleri leading and Plekanec.  Pass is caught in Ranger skates.  Third man.  Shot.  Rebound.  Another shot chance for Plekanec on the side.  Puck stays in.  Finally Lundqvist traps it at his right.

Andrei Kostitsyn’s effort continues.  Backchecking acceleration.  Can we have this every game?

Under two.

Prust under the Montreal end line.

Sixth attacker.

Ranger pressure.

Price is sharper.  Habs are in disarray.  Whistle as Price smothers it.

Tortorella calls time-out.  Looks over his Sather-gathered crue.  Ugly.  And he can never say so.  The great cigar-chomping Glen Sather.  What a giant brandy glass.  Empty.  And tall as Banker’s Hall.

One minute.

Gill is called as the Rangers round the net.

Refs call based on the scoreboard.  Boyle drew it by acting.

Six on four.  Hooking.

Faceoff to Price’s right.

Boyle wins it.  Some winners are good at cheating.  Snifters and hidden cards.  Calls home to the wife.

Rangers retain.  Looking.  Moen.  Dives across.

Price saves it.  Screech.  More.  Subban is nodding as he leaves the mild scrum.

Good save, Carey Price.  Good concentration.  Pulls it down.  It’s not enough.

Faceoff.  Deep right.  Boyle wins it.  Subban falls.  Zuccarello is down.  Whistle.  Rangers are called.

Tortorella holds back.  Smiles.  Through teeth.  Finally swears.  “Fuck!”

Faceoff.  Outside the Montreal blue.  Out of play immediately.

Twelve seconds.

Puck is in.

Dubinsky.  Gaborik.  To the circle.  Boyle.  Shoots.  Looks in.  Price stopped it.  Flooped up.  Siren.  More screeching accompanied that shot.

Final Score
Montreal 3
New York 2

HDS Stars: Henrik Lundqvist, Andrei Kostitsyn, Carey Price
RDS Stars: James Wisniewski, Henrik Lundqvist, Andrei Kostitsyn

So tired of beer and car commercials.  Get rid of them.  Fix my country.

Chantale sounds more and more like a homer with each telecast.  Says that Mathieu Darche was magnificent.  Hm.  Was Pierre Larouche magnificent?  How about Gaston Gingras?  Hm.

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