The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile

Montreal Canadiens vs. Anaheim Ducks

January 22, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

Musings and In-Game Scribbles

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones).

Montreal Canadiens (27-17-4) hosts Anaheim Ducks (26-20-4)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Game Forty-Nine (score posted following scribbles)

Missed it? Musings capture the game in writing. A written transcript typed during the game, posted and edited about thirty minutes afterward.  Based on the RDS French telecast of the Montreal Canadiens game, Musings take about 20 minutes to read. More detailed than an article, fresher than a looping highlight and good with morning coffee. Or late-night chocolate.  A unique way to re-experience the game.

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Saku Koivu, the team’s former captain is back in the arena tonight; for the first time since leaving on July 1st, 2009.

Benoit Brunet played the game.  And with Saku Koivu.  You can imagine the tone.

The former captain is here tonight and we’ve been waiting to see and greet him.  Reseau des Sports montage includes the other former Canadien, now a Duck, Maxim Lapierre.

No feelings yet.  But the pregame showed us some of Koivu’s drafting history in detail.  His name was mangled when he was called to the dais.

Because Crete is the least demonstrative, he is the one worth watching most closely.  Mario Tremblay; there’s little guesswork as to how he feels.  Joel Bouchard?  He’s always with logic and coaching.  The teacher’s precision.  But Alain Crete is the one to watch.  Now he wears the same expression he used to when recently retired RDS analyst Jacques Demers used to go off on verbal spirals of emotion.

Dramatic music does not provide drama.  Drama provides drama.

The kids skate out with the flags.

Acceuillons is not the same without Saku, Alex, Patrice, Cristobal or Mathieu.  Nor Francis.  It sounds fraudulent tonight.

Saku is on the ice.  In the least-lit sections of the ice, he skates, alone, with his thoughts.

Montreal win, Saku three-pointer.  Saku, Saku chants start.  They end in seconds.

Charles Prevost-Linton sings the first anthem.  Saku is on the visitors’ blue with his helmet off.  He isn’t bald anymore.

He’s starting tonight.

There’s a Facebook page dedicated to helping Saku earn a star tonight.  Hey, there’s a game to follow.

No interruptions or crass cheers during the first rendition.  Second rendition.  Linton sounds about the same as usual.

Gomez shouldn’t have taken the eleven.

Saku shouldn’t have agreed to leave.  I know he was part of the decision.  But.

Cheering begins.  Saku leaves the blue line, safe.  For now.  Visitors are not announced.

He wears the A.  Ryan Getzlaf wears the C.  Fans rise in standing ovation.  They don’t need names.  Saku waves and pats his heart and skates around.

Raises his stick some more.  Most of the fans are standing.

Carey Price and Jonas Hiller are the goalies.

First Period

Koivu gets ready for the faceoff against Gomez.  Gomez wins it and I’m in tears.

Koivu under the end line.  Three low.  Saku at the circle.  Stripped.  Bats it back down.

One Hab is hit.

Where’s our captain.  He’s here tonight.

Nineteen minutes.

Travis Moen’s line.  Bobby Ryan’s line for Anaheim.

Tonight there is only one Canadien on the ice.  And I don’t care for the rest.

Long puck is retrieved by Carey Price.  Not a true Canadien.

Tomas Plekanec line.  Andrei Kostitsyn with him.  They are Canadiens.  One more disappointing.  The other following in Saku’s wake.


I keep looking for Saku.  Why aren’t they triple-shifting him.  Yes, I’m kidding.

Two and twenty gone.

Ducks control.  Play-by-play impresario Pierre Houde calls them the Mighty Ducks.  Then reminds us all that the “Mighty” has officially been dropped.

The other number eleven enters on the left.  Loses the disc.

Koivu is back on the ice.  Around the boards.  To the net.  The once–electrifying (now efficient) Teemu Selanne has the puck under the end line.

Avuncular Roman Hamrlik leads a rush.  Seems determined to negate the emotions.  To remind us that there is another team here tonight, a game to be won.

Hiller gloves a high puck from Wisniewski.  Wisniewski takes the seat beside other players wearing red.  The farce continues.

The newcomer, the blue-coveralled Andreas Engqvist is on.  Ryan White with him.  Engqvist, and his new-addition allure, distract me for a few moments.  Engqvist finds a blue line receiver.  Long shot is captured.

Plekanec takes the draw deep right.  Expect Plekanec to play one of his best games tonight.

Corey Perry exits after a brief Plekanec man-only possession for about four seconds deep.

Price, a junior Canadian.  Up for Gill, a Penguin.  Puck crosses the line.  Whistle.

Jeff Halpern, Alexandre Picard and Tom Pyatt are all out of the lineup.

Ducks.  Turnover.  Number thirty-nine.  Anaheim’s Matt Beleskey.  Careless.  Loose cannon style of playing.  [ed note: might have been Joffrey Lupul]

Gomez line.  Still with the eleven.  Somebody go get his ninety-one.

Under fourteen.

Koivu is on the ice.  Over the blue.  Lobs it into the left corner.   Puck is lost on the boards.  Gomez, the Devil, took it.  His Ranger days do not define him well.


RDS’ logic-merchant Joel Bouchard says he knows it’s an emotional game but the team needs to respond.  Camera cruises down the Duck bench.  Maxim Lapierre is there.  He looks about the same as he did last month.

Koivu is working as hard as anyone on the ice.  Backchecks as Pacioretty enters on the right.  Beats his man around the corner; enough for a weak backhand.  All his shots are weak.  Some have gone in recently.  But that won’t increase his velocity.  It’ll increase his shots taken total.

Montreal’s Lars Eller is on.  Anaheim defenceman Cam Fowler stays clear and passes across.  Puck goes long behind the Price fort.  Price sends it along.

Corey Perry is nearly smashed by Ryan White.  White left his skates.  White, a looking a bit like Alex on Family Ties, needs to settle down.

White goes high with the stick on yet another check attempt.  He’s going to take a penalty.


Brunet remarks that Ryan White is not as fast in midseason as he was in training camp.  Uses the knowing tone, the I played this game tone.

David Desharnais.  Works around Fowler.  Too much support from Anaheim down low and they capture, retain and exit.

Gomez.  For Brian Gionta.  Interception.

Replay of a Duck shot shows that Price only got a bit of the puck with his glove to deflect it.

Koivu.  Deep left.  Max Pacioretty and Hamrlik.  Stays on the hash.  Now under the end line.  Koivu.  Emerges, sudden zip pass.  Stick can’t make contact.

Price is bumped and does a better acting job on the way down than last time.  Makes it seem as if he was actually trying to maintain balance.  No call.  Some booing.

Houde says that the refs are calling it a bit loose so far.

First call.  Subban.  Referee has an I’m in control expression.  We’re not going to let PK get away with anything here.  Not a thing.  Refs are going to be guilty until proven innocent.  This cronyistic league is guilty until proved innocent.

Anaheim power.

Koivu, Selanne and Perry are the first wave.  Hal Gill and James Wisniewski are low.  Plekanec and Moen up top.

Near giveaway in the slot.  Gill reaches.  There’s support.  Moments later the puck is cleared.

Duck re-entry.  Now a Duck re-entry.  One long shot.

Do you trust the NHL in matters of integrity?

Seven minutes.

Canadiens kill the penalty.

It’s starting to seem that there might be a game going on here.

Montreal defenceman Jaroslav Spacek falls behind his net.  Up again.  Canadiens retain.

Pacioretty wheels like a player who knows he has the touch of greatness.  Yet he doesn’t.  And moments later he is called for holding.

Call is a bit light.  Not a good call.

Saku is on the first wave.  Puck goes out of play.

Moen and Plekanec are the kill pair.

Faceoff outside the blue.  Koivu versus Plekanec.  Plekanec is asked to leave the dot.  Koivu wins the draw against Moen.  Ducks set up.

Visnovsky.  Koivu on the hash.  Pass to Perry under the end line.  Emerges.  Tries a jam-pass.  Stopped.

One minute and the Ducks re-enter.  Second wave.

On the perimeter.  Lubomir Visnovsky.  On the blue.  Fowler comes up to join.  Three on the blue as Ryan rotates.  Visnovsky rotates to the opposite hash.  One-timer from Fowler.  Deflects.  Up over Price’s glove a moment after he shoved a player out of his crease.

Anaheim 1, Montreal 0

Three D line.  Darche, Desharnais and Pouliot.  Hmmm.  Scratch that.  Hey, I never said I was bright.

Darche alone in the crease.  Desharnais finds him.  Can’t squeeze it.

Just under four minutes.

Fowler exits.  Looking about fifteen.

Turnover at the mid-ice area.  Ducks retrieve.  Visnovsky.  Houde says that the Slovak defender has 41 points so far this season.  So does Selanne.  Selanne is 41 years old.  Point-a-game production.  Only a few can make that claim.  Howe is one of them.  Gordie Howe.  You know.  The Ron Lancaster of hockey.

Bouchard and Muller.  Muller says that the team is being too passive in the neutral zone.  Muller’s “we gotta do it” eyebrow arch, a commonality for certain hockey personalities, is inevitable.  It’s engaging.  Or at least nostalgic.

Lapierre is wearing the number 14, by the way.  Nobody wears 41 in Anaheim so it’s a question worth asking.  (ed note:  Lapierre wore 41 in Montreal … Plekanec had 14 … but Plekanec started with 35.  Not sure if Plekanec switched before Lapierre joined … seems so)

Two minutes.  Pacioretty sends a lobber puck to the opposite blue to gain time.  Plekanec line.  Kostitsyn really hammers someone in the deep corner to Price’s left.  Now he’s all the way at the other end of the ice.  More action.

Is this permanent?

One minute.

Fowler.  To his left.  Up along the boards.  Turned over.  More turnovers.  Neutral zone.

Gill.  To Subban.  Long pass for Desharnais.  Puck can’t be retained.


It’s been a long time since this game has given me the pringle spingles.  But maybe.

Siren goes.  Saku is shown leaving the ice.  Waving someone’s suggestion off.

Anaheim led on shots 8-7.

First Intermission
Anaheim 1, Montreal 0

Reseau ad claims that the all-star weekend is “seulement” sur RDS.  Wow.  So nothing in English, then?  Wow.

Alain says he has grievances with the rule that allows other teams to claim a player that’s been claimed by another.  In this case, he is referring to the recent snatch off waivers by the Islanders.  They snatched Evgeni Nabokov.

Tremblay says that the Islanders are a “small team”.  Petty?  It’s silly, the sentiment suggests, because the Islanders are going to miss the playoffs and have “no need” for the veteran former San Jose Shark.

Joel is on the ice surface with Los Angeles Kings’ Jonathan Bernier.  Some coverage techniques are shown.  Bernier takes a shot from the side, blocks and then goes to the top of the crease to face a second shot.  A situation like that may not happen in a real game and I have reservations about such drills.  If it isn’t going to replicate a game situation, the unique reflexes and timing demanded by such drills could muddy perception for a player.  After all, there will never be a two-puck situation in a game.  I understand that the sense of urgency needed to get to the top of the crease is something worth having.  So.

Renaud interviews Saku.  He says that it was very emotional.  He works a “merci” in there.  He says that he hopes the fans know that he respects them and that he and his family have so many good memories from his years here.

I forgot he was here for a moment.  Uh.

Second Period
Anaheim 1, Montreal 0

They focus on the former captain.  And this time it’s not painful.  It’s a fond smile and several memories surge.

Saku against Gomez.  The elevens.  Gomez wins it but shoves it forward to a Duck stick on the the Anaheim blue.  He was falling to his knees and that might have been the safest play to make.

Puck deep.  Gionta and Gomez under the end line.

Koivu shoves Pacioretty into Hiller.  Hiller falls.  Who will go?  Replay shows that it should have been no call.  Koivu stayed in the crease and stood his ground as Pacioretty tried to run him over.  Failed.

Montreal power.

Plekanec.  Wisniewski on the blue.  Plekanec on the hash.  To Subban on the opposite point.  Plekanec continues to create from the phone booth.  Old Kovie area.  Still not used to a smaller player controlling from that part of the ice.

Fifty seconds as a Montreal shot caroms high and then falls to be cleared by Anaheim.

Thirty seconds and Perry leads a two-on-two that stalls in the side boards.

Weber across for Hamrlik.  End line pass.

They keep it moving.  Long shot.  Hiller captures.  Hamrlik has a purposed presence that I’ve not noticed this season.  He is more decisive tonight.

Deep right faceoff.

Eller, Plekanec and Kostitsyn.  Plekanec stayed for the full two minutes.  Interesting.

Hiller traps a slot shot from Kostitsyn.  Penalty has ended.

Deep right.  Desharnais is asked to leave.  Darche loses the draw.

Left side entry.  Ducks.  Out as soon as it’s in.  Turnover.

Ducks are playing with responsibility and conscience.  They don’t have the speed but Montreal has not forced them to suffer this flaw.  Yet.

Low slot chance.  Houde’s voice sharpens.  Ducks recover.

Five under their hash on the next Montreal entry.  Ducks are more responsible defensively than I’ve seen from them in recent games.  Yes, I’ve been scouting them.

Fourteen and a half.

Koivu line.  Bobby Ryan is not an agile skater.  And not a good guesser.

Duck puck goes out of play.  I’m surprised that’s the first time that’s been typed.  Duck puck.


That French thing, eh.  Found this young fella talkin’ on about it.

Centre ice faceoff.

Koivu wins against Plekanec.  Koivu has been consistently above sixty in several recent games.  Some would say that fifty-five is the so-called gold standard.  It’s sixty for me.

Montreal entry.  Plekanec.  Pass to Gionta.  Up over the net.  Koivu is called for slashing.

Montreal power.

Gionta’s shot from the left point.  Hiller.  With the best mask in the league.

Late in the power-play, Pacioretty shoots from an unexpected spot.  Flukey, unexpected goal.  But the fake was smooth.

Montreal 1, Anaheim 1

Fiftysomethings are on.  Fifty-seven, Fifty-Two and Fifty-Eight.  (Pouliot, Darche and Desharnais)

Right side.  Sliding pass.  A near thing.  Darche falls on the other side, into the end boards.

Eleven minutes.

Subban flies out.  Accelerates.  Across centre.  To Engqvist.   Brief possession.

Price jabs a glove at a high puck.  Disc nearly falls the wrong way.  Stays out.  Houde exclaims.

Don’t expect Pacioretty to continue scoring.  He’s in the best possible situation; two good, experienced teammates, no expectations, shooter’s role, full of hubris and just getting oddment goals here and there.  When he gets any real defensive attention, he’ll fold.  Even if he doesn’t, he doesn’t have the power or the skills to produce long-term.


Nine and a half.  Replay shows that the high puck was unseen by Price, who had advanced to play it, it bounced unexpectedly and then hit Price’s shoulder; just staying out.

Pacioretty manages to get a smile from Selanne.  Play resumes.

Selanne has more than six-hundred career goals.  Including 76 in his rookie season.  Pacioretty, in his first 86 games, collected six goals.  Those games were over the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons.

Selanne’s seventy-six came in an 84-game season.

Pouliot.  In alone.  Waits.  Shot.  Hiller got a piece.  A high wrister.  Hiller got his right glove on it from five feet away.  Impressionant.

Pouliot is on the bench and shaking his head.  Looking like the haunted love-child of Ken Stabler and Jaromir Jagr.  Poor little guy.

Seven and a half.  And yes, I’m fond of Pouliot.

Gionta is swearing and discussing an offside call with an official.

Eller looks like a stamp collector or chess club guy.  Is his neck really that long?

Seven minutes.

Lupul rounds the Montreal net.  Fires from an asteroid angle.  No.

The puck is an asteroid to a goalie from angles like that.

Six and a half.  Moen bumps Lapierre.  Lapierre ignores it.  Interesting.  Lapierre takes a seat.

Faceoff.  Montreal controls.

Todd Marchant is called for hooking.  White, under the Montreal blue.

Montreal wins the draw.  Gomez at the right hash.  Koivu on the kill team with Perry.

Brandon McMillan wastes a lot of energy moving his head around on the PK.  Just use your peripheral vision.

One clear.

Under a minute.  Plekanec.  Shot-pass.  Desharnais from the end line.  Tries to sleek-jam it.  No.  Brunet murmurs homer words.

Hamrlik’s long shot.  Off the pads.

Koivu and Perry. Two on three.  Offside entry.

Koivu leaves the ice.  Brunet says that the momentum is back with Montreal.  Cites the Duck penalties as the reason.

Penalty ends.

Gill’s shot is knocked out of the air halfway.

Canadiens retrieve.  Darche from centre ice, standing, feeds.  Entry.  Shot.

Ducks exit.

Feathers and a chuckle.  And an empty egg bowl echoes in shock.

Short side goal.  What.  How.

Anaheim 2, Montreal 1

Joffrey Lupul.  I’m sure Lupul was hailed as some up and coming fifty goal-scorer.

But he averages under twenty with his best season being his second full NHL campaign, a 28-goal season.

Here’s his card.  Alberta.  And a 56-goal season with Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL).  It was the way an assistant patted him.

Two minutes.  Ragged coverage.  Ducks are pressing.  Plekanec stays low.  Gill chases a man around the net. Nobody can get the puck.  Ducks, ducks, Ducks.  Yup.  Montreal penalty.  Delayed.  Koivu is on.  And another blown call by the same ref.  Arrogant demeanour, besides.

Let’s guess where he earned his smears.

Long Perry shot.   Price gloves it.

Gomez lost the draw.

Faceoff to Price’s left.

Gionta and Gomez up top.  Wisniewski and Hamrlik underneath.

Price snaps a pad at a semi-hot Selanne shot from the circle.  Was going wide.

Now a Fowler shot.  Price makes a better save.

Faceoff to his right.

Koivu versus the new kid, Engqvist.  Engqvist gives way to White.  White wins it.  Stays on the boards.  To the hash.  Nearly out.

Engqvist and Price both get across for a big gap circle pass and shot.

Koivu is at the low circle.  Takes it.  Shoots.  His rebound is tucked in.  Assist Koivu.

Anaheim 3, Montreal 1

Perry tucked it.  He wears the A for alternate.  He also wears the expression of entitlement.  He’s from Peterborough.

Ducks led on shots 11-10.

Second Intermission
Anaheim 3, Montreal 1

This ain’t going according to the plan.

Third Period
Anaheim 3, Montreal 1

Gomez beats Koivu on the well-contested draw.

Wisniewski across.  To the circles and backhands it to the corner.  Gomez for Gionta.   Opening was there.  Shot missed.  Gomez to Gionta again.  No.

Now a Gomez shot.  Hiller save.  Some booing.  Gomez leaves the ice.


Deep left.  Plekanec against Marchant.  Marchant leaves the circle.  Puck is dropped.  Whistle.  Brandon Macmillan is called for a high stick.  Hit Moen.  Accidental.

Montreal power.  One of three tonight.

Plekanec wins it.  Subban keeps it in.  Wisniewski’s shot.  Deflects.  Plekanec on the hash.  But the puck is cleared.

Montreal entry.  Plekanec shovels back to Subban.  Across and back.  More of the same.  One-timer from Subban.  Wide bomb.

Desharnais at the end line.  Tries the crease pass.  Blanketed.  Whistled.

Lapierre is seven of eight on faceoffs we are told.

Deep right.  Lost.  Cleared.  Just under a minute in the penalty.

Weber.  Leaves it for Gomez.  Carries.  Passes at centre ice to Hamrlik.

It’s in.  Along the perimeter.  Gomez leans and shoots.

Gomez to Pacioretty at the muzzle.  Backhand to forehand.  Sutton doesn’t erase Pacioretty soon enough and a weak shot is handled by Hiller.

Faceoff.  Canadiens struggle to control.  Puck leaves the Duck zone as the penalty ends.

Lapierre on the right.  Weak shot.  Price pushes it away.

Wisniewski is up aggressively and the Canadiens cover as he turns the puck over.

Under seventeen.

Three on one.  Koivu leads it.  Pouliot gets back.  And is called for hooking.  Martin grimaces.  No penalty should have been called. Pouliot hooked a stick and took it away.  Booing continues.  Lasts four seconds.  Six.  Fades as Plekanec carries the puck down the left.  He falls.  Crowd cheers expecting a whistle but the non-call leads to booing.

Refs, what do they think here?   We’re not giving these separatists any calls?  Just who gets hired and how in those offices?  All the wrong sorts.

The game is in bad hands.

Ninety seconds.

Blake low.  To Visnovsky on the blue.  More perimeter passing.

Gomez and Gionta are up top.  Price makes a save.  Falls backward.  More booing.  Houde believes it was Hal Gill that backed into his goalie.


Thirty in the penalty.

On the right boards.  Hash.  Pass to the slot.  Intercepted and cleared.

Sbisa carries and passes.

It’s the third.  Only the red jerseys matter now.

One assist will have to do.

Spacek.  For Gionta.  Looks and bursts.  Loses it at the blue.

Kostitsyn.  Shot.  Finds the net.  Hiller extends and sends it leftward.

Pacioretty sends Gomez in on the right with two strides.  Shot.  Offwing.  High and a save.


Pouliot from Hamrlik.  Herkle-jerkles, yet advances the puck.

Pace is wheeling.  Four in.  Pouliot.  Across and receives.  Puck goes up and out of play.

Pouliot talks to the official without swearing.  Trying to make his point.

Hiller is too good.  And with Anaheim paying attention for the full sixty minutes, it’s unlikely.  But.

Kostitsyn.  Screened shot as he crosses.  Uses the defenceman.  Hiller finds it.  Smothers.

Faceoff.  Canadiens win it.

Hits a leg.  Cleared.  Intercepted.  Gomez and Gionta are in.

The angles warp and Gomez sees the disc emerge and shoots it from the low circle.

Gomez.   Gionta.  Two go to the net.  Coverage negates it.

Lupul.  For Sbisa on the Montreal blue.  Puck is lost.

Canadiens entry.  Three.  The fifties.  Ducks coverage is sound.  No shots or passes.

Desharnais at the end of his shift, slams a Duck into the end boards.  NO avail.

Wisniewski is turning and looking.  Interception.  Dumped in.  Price fields it.

Montreal exit.  On the hash.  Kostitsyn.  Puck goes out of play.  Plekanec turns and shakes his head in disappointment.  Good effort from the Canadiens offensive.  But no quality scoring chances.

Cam Fowler is discussed.  He’s nineteen.  Good demeanour.  Windsor kid.  Maybe that really isn’t part of Ontario, eh.  And, of course, there always exceptions.

Plekanec line.  Behind the net.  Waiting.  Waiting.  So do the Ducks.

Finds Kostitsyn.  Fires.  Hits something.  Moen can’t whack it.

Nine minutes.

Blake around the net.  Price is slow getting across.  Looked in.  But Price has it.

Fortunate.  Blake wasn’t able to jam.  Puck crossed the crease parallel to the goal line and hooked Price’s right pad.

We resume.  Gionta in the crease.  Waiting.  For the puck that doesn’t come.  Jumps to backcheck.  Canadiens retrieve.

Under eight.

Hiller is out.  Vulnerable.  Desharnais.  Hooked down.  He’s ok.  Ducks escape.  But turn it over.

Another entry for this line.  Net goes off.

Faceoff to Hiller’s left.

Plekanec.  Split-shifting.  Koivu wins it.  To the boards.  Habs have it.  Moen. To the point.  Wisniewski.  Fires.  Marchant is hit with it.  Wisniewski shakes his head.

Price takes a broken goal stick to the bench.  How did that happen?

Deep right faceoff.  Plekanec.  Koivu wins it.  Hamrlik deep.  His pass is intercepted by Koivu.

Tickets must have been expensive for this one.

Six minutes.

Blake is causing problems.  Wisniewski takes a stick.  Blake is called.

First faceoff is won by Ducks.  Lydman fires it into Price from a distance.  Canadiens are stopped on entry.  Second entry works; Gionta.

Subban and Wisniewski back and forth.

Gomez to Wisniewski.

One minute.

Subban and Wisniewski work it more.  Wisniewski is allowed to control.

Gionta with a clever pass to Subban.  Nearly works.  Stays in.

Gomez to Wisniewski.  Another blast.

Marchant earns accolades from Houde.

Seven seconds and the Canadiens are frustrated on entry.

Darche pushes it ahead.  Kostitsyn follows.  Plekanec on the hash keeps it in play.

Stays in the bowl.  All efforts.

And a goal.  Long shot.  Powerful.  Weber.  Off Darche.

Anaheim 3, Montreal 2

Crowd comes alive.  Three thirty-seven.

Shot in.  Fowler turns it over.  And again.  Hamrlik is very advanced.

Lines change.

Wisniewski stays on the ice.

Gomez.  Gionta.  Entry.  Gionta loses the disc.  Stays in.

I don’t care who or what.  Or even how or why.

Two and a half.

Subban.  Across.  Keeps.  Weak backhand.  No rebound.  Weber’s stick breaks.  Stays on the ice.  Goes to the cage.

Canadiens struggle to exit.  One forty.

Selanne sends it long.  Icing.

Exactly what the Canadiens needed, says Brunet.

Wisniewski is knocked down.  Tripped.  No call.  But, wait, there is.  Saku is called for tripping.

Montreal power.

Timeout.  Muller works the mini-whiteboard.

Broad red tie.  Short hair.  The intensity.

Price pulls his mask back on.  But stays seated.

Subban is nodding.  Gomez shares a thought.  Plekanec stores it in his head.  Crowd loudens.  Yes, loudens.

Hiller is ready.  Huet grimace.

Hiller must make the save.  Two women cover their mouths.  What a save.  Faceoff to his left.  The boards.

Six on four.

One minute.

Plekanec.  From the hash.

They work it.

Gomez.  To the point.

Gomez. Through the slot.

Subban a shot. Another.

They retain. More pressure.  Subban.  Gomez.  More shots.

Pacioretty.  I didn’t care who.

Twelve seconds.

From Plekanec.  Backhanded it from the side.  How did it go in.

Ok, I’ll be quiet about the guy for a while.

Koivu wins the ensuing faceoff.  Horn goes with the puck in no man’s ice.

Montreal led on shots 23-5 for a total of 40-24.

Montreal 3, Anaheim 3

Don’t kill us, Saku.

Four on four.

Koivu n’est pas heureux.

Selanne with him.

Plekanec and Kostitsyn.

Koivu.  Across.  For Selanne in the corner.

Hamrlik and Plekanec.  Plekanec alone.  Shot.  Wide.

Gomez.  Across.  Brakes.  Lost puck.

At the neutral zone.  Gill.

Gionta.  Big dinger off the glass.

Corey Perry. Take him.

Price went down.  Back up.

Desharnais and Pacioretty.

Missed pass.

Pacioretty chases.   Not hard.  Ducks circle.

Pass.  Ryan off the post.

Plekanec.  Shot wide.  Whistle.  Puck up and out.  Selanne was chasing.

Two and a half.  No shootout.  SVP.

Wisniewski.  Plekanec.  Hamrlik.  Kostitsyn nearly gives it away.  No Ducks in sight.

Two minutes.

Gomez.  Gionta.

The effort is there.  But nothing.  Ole, ole chant.

Gill helps.

Attack ends.  Gill neutralizes at home.

Subban tries a move.  Bumped off.

Eighty seconds.

Price with a high biscuit save.

Pacioretty.  The bad skating.  But the intent.

Wisniewski.  Turnover.  Ryan.  Away.  An angle.  Blasts.  Price.  Can’t beat him like that.  Leg save.



Koivu entered offside.  Selanne with him.  A grin from Teemu.  Removes the mouthguard.  And the Canadiens were caught out on the play.

Saku outside the blue.  Wins it.  Selanne with him.  Lost at the red line.  Gomez.  Back for Subban.  Waits.  Time runs out.

Anaheim 3, Montreal 3

Three shots each.  And then one and ones.

Zambonis are out.  One big one.  One small one.  What is that small one.  Some dude in white overalls checks the nets.  Two of these guys.  Long jimmies.

Price scrapes up the ice.

Hiller’s mask appears bulletproof.

Saku, don’t kill us.


Houde calls Brunet Watson.

Pouliot.  Deke.  Too slow.  Hiller’s right.  Stayed on the ice.


Price stops him.  Calm.


Shoots.  Low circles.  Glove.  Hiller is a leftie.  Glove is the right hand.


Ryan shoots and scores on a retreating Price.

Why did Price do that.


Must score, says Houde.

Deke.  Fails.

Saku won.

Final Score
Anaheim 4
Montreal 3 (SO)

HDS Stars: Jonas Hiller, Max Pacioretty, Saku Koivu
RDS Stars: Bobby Ryan, Saku Koivu, Max Pacioretty

Saku stayed out for eight, nine seconds and nodded and waved.  They were all standing.  And Bobby Ryan was booed for his three-second tour.

And nobody booed when Saku carried the puck.  Just realised it now.

Merci, Saku.  A bientot.

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