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Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins

April 26, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

Musings and In-Game Scribbles playoffs

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones).

#6 Montreal Canadiens (44-30-8)
#3 Boston Bruins (46-25-11)

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Round One – Playoffs
Game Six (score posted following scribbles)
Boston leads series 3-2

Missed it? Musings capture the game in writing. A written transcript typed during the game, posted and edited about thirty minutes afterward. Based on the RDS French telecast of the Montreal Canadiens game, Musings take about 20 minutes to read. More detailed than an article, fresher than a looping highlight and good with morning coffee. Or late-night chocolate. A unique way to re-experience the game.

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Once again, Dell fails this outfit.

I correct the problem and continue.

It’s game six.  Elimination game.  Unexpectedly early.  Complaints are superfluous.

I memorize the moment as the players take to the ice to Michel Lacroix’ booming PA voice.   This may not happen again for months.

We don’t want to wait.  Not that long.

There’s a brass band on the ice.  Tuxedoed.

Two Bruins have their heads bent in seeming prayer. Lucic and fifty-four (ed note: McQuaid).

The crowd provides the words.

They’re louder, more piercing than I can remember.

Price and Thomas.

Kevin Pollock and Chris Lee are the refs.

First Period

Gomez trio.  Moen and Gionta.

Bergeron loses the draw.

Cleared in.  Straight into Thomas’ glove before anyone can touch it.  Weber is in.  Mara is in.  I was wondering when he was going to be inserted.

Bruins exit.

Under the end line, Gomez and Marchand joust, Gomez falling.  Hamrlik recovers the disc at the hash.

Long point shot from Bruins.  Price is across.  Cleared out.  Chara retrieves.  Chara is booed.

Krejci has the first chance, fubbles with it on the right column.  Can’t control, he had only Price to beat.

On the other end, Montreal sees an attack die.

Julien is wearing a silver tie.  My second favourite colour.   Grey suit.  I smile.  Subdued.

Eighteen and twenty.  Puck is snarled in the neutral zone.  Julien is relaxed.

I smile again.

Faceoff outside the Boston blue.

Eller to the end boards.  Jumped and seize.  He’s still down.  Puck is out.  Eller finally rises.  Houde says he missed it.  Crowd boos in response.  No call.  Eller is to the bench.

Price makes a desperate, crab move.  It stays out.  Lunge on low.

Puck moves in graceless diagonals across the ice.

Subban and Gill low.

Gionta and Gomez chasing.  On the boards.  Boston hash.

Spacek is beaten by Marchand.  Causes a shot.  And a second.  Stopped.

Boston end.  Thomas.  Stops it.  It stays free to his right.  Ref whistles it.  Big mistake.  It was free.  Punched in.  But well after the whistle.

Eller was mutually checked.  Legal.  Elbow hit the boards.  McQuaid.  Saw and heard the cry of pain that followed and left it be.  Eller is in the trainer’s room.

Towels are thrown on the ice in response to the blown Thomas freeze.  It happens.  Both.  Don’t give out objects that can be thrown.  Of course those small towels are hard to get to the ice surface.


Won by Montreal.  To the point.  Shot.  Out of play.  Rose high.

Faceoff to Thomas’ left.  Plekanec wins this one, too.  To the blue.  Forced out.

Plekanec is circling.

So sudden this sixth.


Boston entry.  Turning.  Looking.  Pass fails.  It’s out.

In again.

Marchand on the hash.  McQuaid on the point.  Across to the left point.

Crowd continues to express jilted, angered disappointment.  They want it all.  They want it now.

Faceoff deep right.

Sopel on the blue.

Shot into Montreal ice.  Around the end boards.

Boston rush.  Sopel bends low to prevent the centring pass.

Behind the net.  Mara.  Captures.  Peverley took a stick.  Houde observes and then shares that they won’t call this one.

Price traps one.

Faceoff to his left.


The chemicals settle somewhat.


Boston entry, right.  Across the low slot.  Subban.  Price.  One low and blocking.  One across with much what he is able.  Something missing in his movement.

Spacek is fallen and beaten again.  Lunges.  Affects the swirl.  Gets support.

Houde invokes Chartraw.  Chuckles.  Not sure.  Still a bit spook lemon here.

Long Bruin puck.  Whistled.

Horton down the column.  Drops for Krejci.  Bruins are nervous, too?  Puck is mishandled.  No.  Gill just got low to block any more passes.

Faceoff to Price’s right.

Krejci wins the draw against Gionta.  To the blue.  Shot.  Chara.  Off something.  High and out of play.

This arrogant beer server.  Rickard’s is garbage.  If they can repeat a message.  So will I.

Draw.  Puck is out.  Plekanec down the left.

Weaving. To the net.  Coverage.  Forced to wait.  Around the net and behind it stalls.  Plekanec emerges.  Tries the jam.  Houde rises.  Thomas settles it all down.  He’s backward and twisted.  What unorthodoxy.

Brunet compliments him and reminds us that he deserves the Vezina.  True, true.

Boston exits following a won faceoff.

McQuaid accidentally touches the puck as he leaves.  It’s called.  Too many men.

Some joy for the partisans.

Montreal power.

We resume.  Stick is broken in half.  Seidenberg busted Cammalleri’s stick.  It’s called.

Five on three.

If I lived in Montreal I wonder how long I’d last as a Habs fan.  I’d have to be a hermit.  I despise those three happy suit guys behind Julien.

Puck is cleared.

Subban carries.

Gionta, Cammalleri and Gomez.  Plekanec on the right point.  Subban on the left point.

Some passing.  One interception.  Plekanec steps to the left point to intercept the outgoing puck.

They move it.  And keep moving it.  Someone might want a shot.  I’m willing to wait.

One shot.  Plekanec.  Stopped.  More passing.  Subban finds Cammalleri, cross circles.  Blast.  In.

All is forgiven?

Your man from Richmond Hill.

Montreal 1, Boston 0

Forty-four seconds left.

Gionta misses a perfect feed.  From Subban.

Puck is cleared.

Price leaves it.

One last entry.  Spacek on the point.  Up to the high hash.  Windup and shot.


Penalty ends.

Eight and a half.

Kostitsyn cruises past the action and his lack of commitment is noted.  Bruins manage an entry.

Kaberle and McQuaid low.  Puck is lost.  They retrieve from the neutral zone.

Eller is back.  Joel distills the good feelings.  Trainers are happy.  We should be happy.   And so forth.

Sure.  Eller has been great.

Boston control on the column.  But the passes can’t be had.  The low box.  Plekanec.  And great defensive responsibility.

In times of stress, teams revert to what they’ve been taught.  The question becomes; how much was retained?  And another; can it be executed?

So far the answer is yet.  And for the optimists; Boston is not Pittsburgh 09-10.  Nor Washington of the same screaming eagle post-season.

Faceoff to Thomas’ right.

Weber, White and Pyatt.  Won.  But out.  Under the Montreal end line.  Two and two.

Thornton.  Tries.  But they don’t have what it takes.  They haven’t all series.  The edge is Montreal’s.  The scores are Boston’s.  Boston turns it over more.  Controls it less and plays defence less convincingly.

They’ve had the better goalie.  Overall.

When you’ve got 21,000 people yelling shoot, you’ve gotta be patient.  So says Muller with a knowing smile when Joel says it isn’t as easy as it looks to sore on the five on three.

We resume.

Moen.  Long diagonal.  Takes a puck from Chara by avoiding the body and extending the stick.  Will this ignite him?  The pass is off.

Thomas stops the puck.  Glove trap.

Pacioretty and Gorges are shown, suited, and high up in a luxury box.  Houde says he hopes he’s learned his lesson.   The Twitter joke.  Twitter is such an apt name.

One look at Pacioretty’s face is all it takes for me to remember what I don’t like.  And to forget what we all can’t forget.

Three and a half.

Ryder.  Peverley.  Chris Kelly.  They search.  But on the boards, the puck is faster than they are and it’s out.  Montreal icing.

Faceoff to Price’s left.  Sent to the end boards.  Pace is slower.

The Canadiens’ so-called formula, score first and play well with the lead, occurs.

Kostitsyn.  Across the neutral zone.  Passes Lucic.  Who lifts the puck.  Enters.  Moves to the net.  And his shot is interrupted.  Gill.  Lucic is looking a bit more lively, his hockey spirit a bit more healthy.

Bergeron wins the draw.  Turns with it.  And around.  To Finger Ference at the point.  Shot.  Too much traffic.  Sticks.  Legs.

One and twenty.

Price plays one behind his net.  Adroit.  Safe.

One Montreal entry.  Blast.  Off the mark.

Eller line.

Subban.  Gill.  Share underneath.  Up.  And turned over on the Boston end boards.

Eller ends his shift with an interception.  Brief dump-in.

Kostitsyn is called.  Twenty-one seconds left.  Ryder was hooked twice. Second one was called.

Kostitsyn is not playing with the same effort.  And the hooking is a result of that.  Hooking an opponent comes about when a player is beaten.

Bergeron is called for goalie interference almost immediately.  Bergeron complains.

Price exaggerated.  Replay confirms it.

Bergeron is unbelieving in the box.

We go to fours.

Period ends with the puck in the neutral zone.

Shots on goal are in favour of Montreal 11-10.

First Intermission
Montreal 1, Boston 0

It’s really awful how much Sidney Crosby resembles Stephen Harper.  Pudgy uncle and anointed kid. Some commercial or other.

Joel tells us that Eric Lindros couldn’t understand why he was still booed for leaving Quebec and that it was so many years ago.  He contrasts this with Daniel Briere’s more recent booings.  Briere says he expects it, shrugs and says that he understands.  Fans are disappointed.  Briere chose Philadelphia over Montreal a few years back.  Reportedly for less money.  Joel says that some of Briere’s best games are in the Bell Centre.


Mario’s analysis is a bit simpler.  Guys who are affected by booing are just weaker mentally.  Bouchard says everyone is different.

Old school and new school.

Filly and Buffalo are tired at zero in the first.  Sharks eliminated Kings last night.  Overtime.  The Sharks.  Soulless.

Soulless Joe scored the goal, too.

Having Kirk Muller around must be reassuring.

These players.  They’ve watched TV and now they talk the way they’ve seen other players talk.  Cammalleri is interviewed by Renaud Lavoie.  Lavoie refers to Cammalleri’s goal as a classic Michael Cammalleri.

Circle shot from his offwing.  It’s a sweet spot.

Second Period
Montreal 1, Boston 0

Both Kostitsyn and Bergeron are in the box.


Cammalleri.  Plekanec.  Spacek and Sopel

Seidenberg carries it out for Boston.  Intercepted.

Montreal offers an immediate interception.

Kelly on the mountain ridges.  Retains.  Finally a shot.

Behind the net.  Seidenberg.  Emerges.  Pokes it through.

Short side through the five.  Should have been stopped.


Boston 1, Montreal 1

Fours continue.

Gomez.  Right side.

Gomez under the end line.

Puck is lost.

Boychuk.  Chased by Gionta.  Has to retreat.  Longer pass.  Finger Ference.  Turns and loses it.

Brief Montreal man advantage.

Ends without a shot.

Marchand hanging on, hanging on.  Tired of seeing that.

Bergeron.  From Dr. Recchi.  High glove save.  A pretty one.

Stops play.

Sopel tries a long shot on entry.  Slow, lobber.  Gloved.

Where is Desharnais?  Injury, I believe, now that I think of it.  Knee injury.


Just over sixteen.

Montreal pressure.  Hamrlik a shot.  Later Spacek.

Now Spacek is down.

Lucic hit him.  Vicious high hit with intent to injure.

Spacek is down.  One large drop of blood on the ice.  People like Lucic pick their spots.  Replay confirms it.  Mashed Spacek’ head.

He’s asked to leave the ice.  Spacek’ head is a web of blood.

Five minutes.  Match penalty.

Too bad about the dummy opinion.  Morons will be ignored.

What an awful hit.

Brunet begins his apologism.  These are the playoffs.  Blah, blah.   Who cares, cactus.  You have your job because some other blunthead is involved.

Killers don’t deserve to be in society.  Until they shape up.  Go away and shape up.

Pierre Gauthier is shown.  He shakes his head.  Forehead crinkles.

Houde begins speaking.  His comments are more intelligent.  Of course.

Gionta misses the open gap.

Boston clear-out.  Over the glass.  Delay of game.  Five on three.


Ce n’est pas facile.

Gomez on the right wing.  Won draw deep left.

They work it.  I smile as I think of shooting.

Subban with a shot.  Pass with the hand.

Neutral zone faceoff.

Subban’s shot is criticized by Brunet.  No traffic.  Too early.  Fair enough.

Plekanec.  Right point.  Subban on the left.  Cammalleri.  Shot.  No.  Rebound.  Doorstep.  Gionta.  Buries it.

Nothing much more.   He’s a G and a fist.  Small man roars.

Montreal 2, Boston 1

Still under four minutes in the one man advantage.

Weber, Subban, Cammalleri, Gionta and Plekanec.

Cammalleri with one reception.  This shot is off the side.  Thomas’ pad, too.  They have to reset.

Gomez.  Carries left.

Fires hard.  Off something.

Montreal misfires.  Under two minutes.

Plekanec is chasing Campbell around the net.  Some good work to keep it deep from Bruins.

Plekanec waits at the hydrant.  Perfect.  The shot from Subban.  But he had to stop it.  And Thomas is just across.  That’s desire and flailing equipment.

It’s out.

And on the re-entry, Subban can’t keep it in on the point following a Gomez drive.

Thirty.  Kostitsyn.  Low circle.  Great spot.  Too high.

Moments later Thomas moves forward to glove it down.


The Ghosts can only do so much.

But at least a few of them are back in this building.  Where have they been?

Cammalleri.  Down the middle.  Shot wide and off the glass.  Whank!

Crowd calls out a dude.  Thomas.  Chanting for maybe five seconds.

Kaberle veers in his territory.  Thomas leaves the net.  Delayed call against Montreal.  Boston enters.  Whistle.

Boston power.

Boston doesn’t care a whit about this team, its history, its fans.  And why should they.  Well, maybe they do.  In the offseason or in museum moments.  But this isn’t a museum moment.  And Ryder‘s shot from the offwing circle is just off.  The Bruins want it as much as any team.

But maybe now I’m getting maudlin.  Some teams are different from others.  But I’ll say this; Boston is more like Montreal rather than less.  The city, its fans and it’s own traditions, Black and Gold are imperious, glorious and inspiring in their own right.

Boston has won five Stanley Cups and Bobby Orr skated for them.  The silver years; 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972.

Price makes a low stop.  No nonsense follows.  And hasn’t throughout this game.  Net nonsense.

Lucic is a punk.  He doesn’t deserve the Bruin sweater.  Then again.  Maybe he does.  Boston’s rich history includes some of the most despised men in the game.  But the Boston part of me doesn’t let me dwell on that.

Seven minutes.  Penalty has ended.

One shot from the blue.  A good, low one.  No sticks reply.

Marchand is permitted to skate around the perimeter.  It’s nearly a full lap.  Because Marchand isn’t the best passer nor stickhandler, there is better value in letting him tire himself out and then turn it over.

Whistle goes.  Houde thinks it’s too many men.  They can’t figure it out.  They tell us we’ll know after the commercial.

Darche takes a seat for Montreal.  Too many men.  Team designates whomever they wish for such a penalty.  Sometimes a strong utility player who can blend with any line that might happen to be on at the penalty’s close, is chosen.

Montreal has the last line change, being the home team so Martin might have a unit in mind for Darche to join once the penalty ends.  The penalty ends immediately should the Bruins score.

Montreal’s box is four points in motion.  Synchronized.

Halpern is starting to get his game legs, his game vision back.  Carries down the left and slows things for Boston.

Moments later Gionta is the carrier.  Turns to the slot and backhands one, covered.  It’s stopped.

Penalty expires.

Julien wants to know who came off.

Peverley loses the draw to Thomas’ left.

Spacek is better.  And back on the ice.

What damage he has taken this season.

Marchand.  Creates a scare.  Spacek was forced to hook.  Third penalty.  All legit.  Just counting them off.

Traditions are so contrived.  Yeah, I know.

Bad exit by Price, says Brunet.

Three and a half.

Plekanec.  Swoops.  Brakes.  Waits.  Turns back.  Nearly mocking.  And now he loses it.  And Horton hacks him to get it.  And it’s called.

Fours.  Replay confirmed the call was sound.

Gionta.  Right side.  Has a man.  Gomez.  Perfect.  And the net is missed.

Cammalleri intercepts a pass.  To Plekanec.

Boston nearly scores on the other end.  Chara.  Tucked a pass under Price’s arm.   Beauty.  Marchand was waiting on the other side but couldn’t pot it.  And a man fell across.

Power-play, Montreal.  Boston blasts it in.  Finger follows. A pass.  Spacek steps in and takes it.

But the man-advantage ends without a Montreal set-up.


In the neutral zone.  Now down in the corner to Price’s right.

Sopel intercepts a pass.  Knocked down, carried and cleared.


Boston led on shots 11-10.  Shots are tied 21-21.

Images of a 21-21 tie to the Ticats that cost us (the Montreal CFL Concordes) a playoff spot emerge.  I was so angry that day.  I was thirteen.  Black and gold.  Feh.

Second Intermission
Montreal 2, Boston 1

I initially typed Montreal 2, Montreal 1.

There is now a camera in the house.  I don’t know why I agree to these things.

Flyers are leading 3-0 in the second against Buffalo.  I shake my head.  And so should you.

Renaud interviews Scott Gomez.  This is a prerecorded segment captured right at the beginning of the intermission and shown prior to the period.

Third Period
Montreal 2, Boston 1

Some numbers are shown.  Cammalleri info.  Hits are 17-6 in favour of the Canadiens.

Gomez wins the draw.

Cleared in.  Left side.


And out.  Price is across like a goat on grass.  One save.  A second.  Best saves from him on the night.  Faceoff is to his right.  Seidenberg.  Shot from the circle.

Price pushes aside a weak distance shot.

Montreal exits.

Eller chasing.

Hustles around the net.  Never out of the play.  What does Gomez do for this team?  Certainly not that.

Mara and Weber numbers are reviewed.  Brunet says that Mara has been implicated physically and feels that the thick-bearded one was prepared for this game.

Sopel and Mara low.

Two old slow guys.

But it doesn’t matter.  The three forwards are low.

Mara digs it out.

Eller digs from the hash.

Darche follows.  Keeps working under the endline.

Spacek turnover.

Doctor Recchi.

McQuaid.  Gomez takes a turnover offered by a falling McQuaid.

Montreal is low.  Two Bruins.  One Moen.

It’s out along the boards.  Stopped at the neutral zone.

And an offside entry by Montreal stops action.


Plekanec.  Outside the blue.

One thing after another.  A mountain of predictions.  One by one.  One thing less.  Until all you have left is your team.  One shift.  One goal.  One score.

Kostitsyn.  Chases

Kostitsyn is playing much better.

Kostitsyn.  Whams a guy. Steals a puck.  And now he has it in the slot.

The third period.


Chara just got his stick on hit.

Is Kostitsyn hurt?

Keep left faceoff.


Against Peverley.  Wins it.  To the blue.

Down low.  Around the net.   Cammalleri from the muzzle.

Price falls backward.  The puck isn’t’ under him.  He’s up.

Death is a whisper.

A long shot is a shout.   But Spacek is thwarted by Thomas.  Seen and stopped.

Deep left.

Doctor Recchi.  Sends it into the corner.

Gomez line.  Chasing.  Long Boston puck.  Called for icing.

Cammalleri has to take the draw.  Plekanec follows.  Boston wins it.

Doctor Recchi on the hash.  Three Bruins.  Two Habs.  To the blue.  Shot.  Into a stick.

Boychuk.  His pass is off Cammalleri in the neutral zone.  Boston has to reset.

Chara intercepts in the neutral zone.

Boston controls.

Shot from the point.

Struggling after the play.  Marchand is being separated from Price?  Oh.  Subban.  Gill intervenes.  Now Bergeron and Halpern tangle.  Just arms and jostle.

Faceoff to Price’s left.

Eller against Krejci. Around the end boards.  Subban is waiting in the low slot.  Puck finds him.

And he’s out.  Moments later whistle goes.

Thomas.  Price.  Twenty and twenty-six.   Saves.  Brunet continues with is inanities.

Moen can’t convert a perfect pass from Kostitsyn.

Subban takes the body.  Paille.


Sopel.  Gill.  Gomez.  Out.  Sopel.  To Cammalleri.

Ole, ole chant.  How can anyone apply themselves in this way.  But they do.  And what sputtered carries for ten seconds.  Longer than usual.

Kelly is flustered by Gomez at the Boston blue but the stick is enough and on the edge.  Gomez falls.  And the threat ends.  I wouldn’t call that either.


Eller enters with verve but his no-look pass is too acute.

Faceoff to Price’s left.

Krejci faceoff.  To thee blue.

Moen.  At the blue.

Plekanec.  Trying to create but wanting to be safe.  Creativity wins and the puck is almost lost.

Forced to wipe it clean and fire it down.

Gill watches Ryder approach.  Calmly pushes the puck out of harm.

Now a long shot is stopped by Price.

Cammalleri fires a long one on Thomas.  He pauses.  Then delivers a small sweep to his defenceman.

Ten minutes.

Right side entry.

Ten minutes.

The team is closing the gaps.  And it’s not Pittsburgh.  What the team has is enough.  And they don’t have to rise to the level they had against Pittsburgh.

Why do we have to talk about this stuff.  Pierre asks Joel about game seven.

Gomez.  Takes the faceoff against Bergeron.  To Price’s left.

After some tick and tock under the end line the puck is out.

Gomez.  Brakes and snow.   Long Montreal puck.  Icing.

Long shot.


Two on two becomes two on four as the Canadiens retreat to defend.

Right side.




Eller.  Deep.  A Bruin falls.  Boychuk.  He panic-scrambles to the cage.  He’s in position.  Eller couldn’t strike leather.

Sopel and Gill appear to be a regular pairing.  I wondered if that might become regular.

Gomez.  Gionta and Cammalleri.

Ole, ole.

Deep right.  Boston.


Boston entry.  Right side Doctor Recchi loses it on the right side.

Who wants it more.  Boston has the advantage of another game.  Montreal doesn’t.  Hockey.  Capricious puck.

Price steps forward, crawling.  One glove on the puck.

Faceoff to Price’s left.

Montreal is out.  Moen.  Long for Halpern.  Boychuk is the first man back.

Boston exits.

Long Boston puck is called for icing.

Lucic expulse.  En 2e periode.

Faceoff deep right.

Kostitsyn is knocked down.  Wasn’t expecting it.  Boychuk.

Under the end line.

Eller takes it.  We’re missing Desharnais.

Four and a half.

Kelly.  Ryder, rather.  Four men close.  There’s a fifth.

Puck is stripped.  Lots of experience on the ice.  Sopel.

Ryder turning.   Gomez chasing.  But not enough finish.

Seconds pass.  They chase.  Finally a turnover.

High stick on re-entry.  Chris Kelly.  Moen.

Two minutes.  No blood.  Accidental.  Julien is calm.

Kelly is upset but there’s nothing he can do.

Deep left.

Faceoff is lost.

Three minutes.  Cleared.  Price keeps.  Subban.  Cammalleri, Gionta and Plekanec.  Weber, too.

Cleared.  Medium pass.

Gionta on the right side.

Thomas falls forward to capture the puck.

Faceoff to Thomas’ left.  Won by Montreal.  To the point.  Hits something.

Two twenty.

Krejci.  All alone.  And then the mob.  Krejci just stepped into the perfect spot.  And got a reaching, intelligent pass.  The puck was free.  But the whistle went.

Subban.  Down the left.

Whams his man.  Returns to the blue.

Gomez.  Loses the puck.

Why isn’t Eller on the ice.

Penalty ends.

They need to get Thomas out.

Thomas is out.  Deep right.

Boston controls.


Kaberle.  Long shot.

Cammalleri gets the puck.  Lobs it on a smart horizontal.  It’s out.

Puck is back in.  And on the high hash.  Gill.  Another force-out.

Final Score
Montreal 2
Boston 1

Series is tied 3-3.

HDS Stars: Hal Gill, Brent Sopel, Paul Mara
RDS Stars: Michael Cammalleri, Carey Price, Brian Gionta

Musings and In-Game Scribbles playoffs

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones).

#6 Montreal Canadiens (44-30-8)
#3 Boston Bruins (46-25-11)

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Round One – Playoffs
Game Five (score posted following scribbles)
Series Tied 2-2

Missed it? Musings capture the game in writing. A written transcript typed during the game, posted and edited about thirty minutes afterward. Based on the RDS French telecast of the Montreal Canadiens game, Musings take about 20 minutes to read. More detailed than an article, fresher than a looping highlight and good with morning coffee. Or late-night chocolate. A unique way to re-experience the game.

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The team is shown leaving the team bus (pre-taped); coach Jacques Martin with a sidebag, brassy Geoff Molson accompanied by a youngster (his son?) and the rest of the team.

Yes, team bus.

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