The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile


August 2, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

    we ask them to want it
    as much as we want it.
        we  suggest,
         we  beg,
         we demand.
                it's more than must

           every missive
          a  missile
             every  missile
                     a message

  get it done

every interview
autograph, nod
every moonshower meaning

   every game seven
    every november game fourteen
the time off, the suit, the non smile blink
               the catalog

             the sticks
              jersey number
             blat boasts
            snake boots
             velvet wash

                         and  we  born
                                 or   not
                          grimace torch
                           riot cubicle                         
                           burn burnoose
                           brack   practice
                           eight dollar sausage
                             or   ten years o junior B

                      watch want will wait

                         to you 

                           from  frailing hands

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