The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile

Home Team In White

August 23, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

  not the red you dread
  the trophy splashed across our chests
  gretzky's mercuryhead
  lafleur's tropes
  and perreault's shattered ankle

on the lines over waves under mines over time
  they wove warped wavered
            and sputnik silence
             or   cosmonaut brave(s)
    the blip armour blip armour blip
        tank crash Atari bangbang
            combat black
        and white
                 we wore white
        like heroes
                   adjusted our carnations
   never knowing thus never daring caring
the red, the red, the reds
     with their touch of gold

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