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Montreal Canadiens vs. Winnipeg Jets

October 10, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

Musings and In-Game Scribbles

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones).

Montreal Canadiens (0-1-0) visit Winnipeg Jets (0-0-0)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Game Two (score posted following scribbles)

Missed it? Musings capture the game in writing. A written transcript typed during the game, posted and edited about thirty minutes afterward.  Based on the RDS French telecast of the Montreal Canadiens game, Musings take about 20 minutes to read. More detailed than an article, fresher than a looping highlight and good with morning coffee. Or late-night chocolate.  A unique way to re-experience the game.

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These aren’t the Jets.  These are the Thrashers.

Another road game and another too-Canadian, too-Timmy, too-nauseating pre-game sermon.

Looping rock music accompanies the entrance of the former Thrashers, coated in a pleasing dark blue, soiled by the postage-stamp art of the new logo.  Should have gone with a version of the old one.  And I liked the idea of renaming the team the Jetts.

Byfuglien is introduced sporting the A for alternate captain.

Chris Mason starts tonight apparently. He wears the number 50.

It’s a ten-second loop of rock.

Crowd is homogenous, nationalistic and Harper is in there with them.  Pierre tells us that he said he will be supporting the Jets tonight.

The Canadiens aren’t introduced and we hear plenty of booing.  The house announcer moves to the starting lineup for the home team.  Andrew Ladd is among them. He’s been named captain of this team.  A team I used to love.   A team that may occupy a different spot in the parliament of my sports mind.

What a waste of time.

We must pause now, says the announcer.  To reflect on life.  Rick Rypien is remembered.   Photo montage.  Acoustic plucking.  And a Lightfoot-style voice.

This song could easily have been about your buddy Max.

Rypien’s mother is introduced at ice-level.

Down in the corner, Gordon Cuddy enters the rink. To sing the anthem.  And some bygone era army types join him.   Flags.  And some trumpeters.

This means nothing to Yannick Weber, watching from the visitors’ bench.  It means a bit more to captain Andrew Ladd.  Keep buying in, buddies.

My mistake. Ondrej Pavelec starts.  The superior goalie.

Rob Martell and Brad Meier are the refs. Three of the four officials are from Winnipeg, Houde informs us.

First Period

Crowd is cheering hard.  Standing ovation.  Plekanec wins it.  Houde says it’s an historic moment.  Puck is fired in.  Jets carry it out.  One pass.   A second.  Jets move quickly.   Some cheering from the crowd.

Lines change.

More cheering from the Jets people.  This isn’t the ACC.  Booing for an icing against the Jets.

I have to smile.  I did like the Jets in those days.  I’m happy for the true believers.  But those that lost sight of what Atlanta lost, those who minimized or dismissed this … I disapprove.

Wellwood.  In against two.  Flanked.  Cross-ice pass.  Blast.  No.

Long puck by Weber.  Icing.  Houde tut-tuts.  The five stay on.  Personnel can’t be changed after an icing.

Puck is cleared. Jets retrieve.  And they make an Atlanta play.  Interception by Cammalleri.  In.  Shot.  Wrister.  In.

Montreal’s first goal of the season.  Unassisted.  Our man from Richmond Hill wears the A.  For alternate.

Montreal 1, Winnipeg 0

Burmistrov line for Winnipeg.

Gomez, Gionta and Pacioretty for Montreal.  Pavelec is a very athletic goalie, quick; sharp.  Seeming top ten for ability.

Glass sends a puck to the slot.  Traffic. No conversion possible.

Ron Hainsey tries an entry that fails.

Camera gives us a very distanced shot.

Stoppage.  Spacek is shaken.  Houde says that Evander Kane is a very aggressive player.  We know.  Elbow to the neck area.  Check in front of the Montreal bench.

Kane will see a response.

Subban.  Up for Engqvist.

Weber is unable to keep a puck in on the left side.  He recovers it retreating and another entry is rebuffed.

Cole now.  In over the middle.  Dribbling.  Knocked over, shoulder to shoulder in the mid-slot.

Cole falls receiving another long pass.  Gets up.  Somehow finds the puck again.  Force-trundles ahead.  A shot like shoveling snow.  Rebound.  Sticks flail.  Pavelec crabs.  The puck stays out.  Leaves the zone.  Back in.   Whistle.

Better storm at the net for Montreal compared to all of last game.


How bad is the ice?  Bouncing puck is shown from the last skirmish.

Faceoff to Pavelec’ right.  Jets move it out.

Snarled in the neutral zone.

Gill recovers it.

Across.  Pass is lost to the home team.

Desharnais, wearing number 51 reaches for but misses a puck at the high circles.

Habs work it out.

Kostitsyn.  Right side.  Darche.  Muzzle shot.  Save.

Montreal end.  Long shot. Deflection.  Price lunges.  Has it.

Off Weber’s arm.

Faceoff to Price’s left.

To the corner.  Yemelin and Weber low.  Whistle.

Jim Slater is called.  He accepts it.  Held Emelin’s stick.  It’s Emelin on the Habs’ site.  But one might see Yemelin occasionally.

Montreal power.  They were zero of five last time out.  And almost no good chances.

Subban and Plekanec on the blue.   Cole, Gomez and Desharnais on attack.

Now it’s Cammalleri, Gomez and Gionta.  Gionta.  Left side.  Dumps it around the net.  Too far.  Jets push it out.  Little shoots it down.

Weber exits.  To Gomez.  Opposite corner the shot.  Kept in.  Pass, pass and a missed open net.  Beautiful.  But no goal.

Finishing.  A problem in game one.

And last season.

Darche enters down the left.  Long blast.  Wide.

Desharnais.  Right side on the re-entry.  His shot fails.

Puck is jammed on the left hash near Price.  Penalty is over.

Long Montreal puck. Icing.

Houde chuckles and tells us we will see the empty net again.

Faceoff to Price’s right.  Ladd comes up with it, stumbling he emerges from the corner but passes.  Intercepted.

Montreal is sent back at the neutral zone.  Subban turns and looks, retreats.  Allows his team to make a line change.

Thrashers set up.   Whoops, Jets.   Bogosian is on the ice and I can’t help but think of the Thrashers.

Montreal dump-in allows Gionta to hop on.   Gomez haunts the outlet pass.  Bogosian to Stewart.  Golfed down.  In the corner to Price’s left.  Centred.  Intercepted.

Montreal emerges.   Pacioretty leads a three on one.  Flank right pass.  Shot by Gionta.  Pavelec has to fall.  Keeps it out.

More pressure.  Jets recover.  Houde praises the Gomez line’s first period efforts.

And now a penalty against Montreal.  Tripping.

Jets power-play.  Erik Cole.  Legit call.

Brian Burke is in the crowd.  Leafs don’t play the Jets for a week.  Houde evinces surprise.  He’s being polite.  Burke likes the lime.

Antropov, Ladd, Little, Byfuglien.

Engqvist for Montreal on the faceoff.  Interesting formation from the Jets.  One man at the net.  A second slightly back.  And the diamond around.


Jets re-enter.  Danger, danger.  Antropov has ice and is past Subban.   Offwing.  Price.  Save. The glove.  Very good save.

Faceoff to his right.

Plekanec takes the draw against Mark Scheifele.  Habs clear it.

Bogosian on the right.  Covered.  Space.  Shot. Price stops it.  Falls.  Looking for the whistle?  No whistle.

Cammalleri is hurt.  Play is stopped.  Carried off by two trainers.  Skate across the back of his leg?  Houde expresses concern.

Man-advantage continues.  Twenty seconds left.  No display from RDS on this power-play.  Nor the last.

What.  The Queen?  Cherry?  Harper?

By hook and by crook.

Penalty ends.

Subban.  Long pass.

Gomez line.

Pacioretty’s end-to-end backchecking is noted.  No pretending this season.  I like it.  Some players evolve.

Some won’t.

Your buddy Hall comes to mind.


Martin is shown receiving the news from a trainer.  Both Spacek and Cammalleri are being tended to.   Houde reads the expression as maybe not too concerned.

Draw.  Jets.  To the blue.  Across.  Shot.  Trapped.  Faceoff.

Small scrum. Puck scrum.

On the side-boards.

And out.

Jets’ Hainsey, the former Hab, clears it back in.  Turned over.  On the other end Pavelec shells the puck.

Price sweeps shavings.

Pacioretty spits on the ice.

Desharnais, Darche and Cole, is it?  Interesting.

Andrei goes too easy in the neutral zone.  Stuart punches Subban.

Gill ambles over and things quiet down.  Subban shares a smile with Kane.

Interference.   Gill.

Legit, as we see on the replay.

But it’s ok to punch Subban.

Jets’ advantage.

Brief control.  Perimeter passes.  Disc is lost.  Cleared.

Winnipeg’s Little nearly breaks through two.  Whistled.  Little fell and Emelin’s stick went with him.  Emelin goes for tripping and takes Sergei Kostitsyn’s number 74 with him.

Draw to Price’s left.

Plekanec loses it.  To the right point.  Left point for Byfuglien.  He’s dangerous.  And plays both wing and defence.  He was a key forward in Chicago’s cup-winning run in 09-10.


Period ends shortly thereafter.

First Intermission
Montreal 1, Winnipeg 0

So now that it’s not Phoenix, can you cheer for them?  Where’s Lukowich?  They’re still the Thrashers, I’m sure you agree.  And how about that logo?  I’m sure you are neutral about that.

But I could be wrong.

Winnipeg Jets won the Avco Cup more than once in the seventies and were stripped of all but two players on entry into the NHL.  Some Jets fans will never forget that.  Nor should they.

The Jets were cool.  They were Hull, they were Hedberg, they were Nilsson.  And later they were Eldon, Dale, Thomas and Doug.  Finally they were Teemu’s team.  His 76 goals as a rookie remains the mark.  Seventy-six.  As a rookie.  Try and get thirty from Andrei Kostitsyn.  Try.


Mario, Alain and Benoit are standing and chuckling.  Jets talk.  Serge Savard trivia.  Savard ended his NHL career with the Jets.  After a long career with Montreal.

How many fifty-goal scorers have the Jets had?   In NHL history.  Three, Alain tells us.  They should count the WHA records.

How many Jets are in the Hall of Fame.  Brunet is right when he answers, three.  He nods, mock self-satisfied.  Brunet has been humbled.  And his demeanour, a forced garrulousness is a nodding, smiling embarrassment.

He lost the colour commentary job to Marc Denis in the off-season.  It was long overdue.  I was hoping Joel would get it. But Denis has been solid and remains promising.

More Jet Q and A and I lose interest.

What’s Cammalleri’s status.

Using a new keyboard setup.  Main laptop failed yet again; I really should look at my options.  Using the latest Acer.  The one I used to muse game seven on the plane.  Vancouver-Boston game seven.

This keyboard is supposed to be ergonomic but the keys stick ever so slightly.  It makes a difference.

This one is also a tape-delay job.  Wedding.  I should get an award of some kind.  Weddings.  Hmph (I meant Graarrrh).

Brunet stumbles and tells us that the Thrashers’ problem has been turnovers in the defensive zone.   Tremblay covers the missed chances from the captain’s line.

Tremblay tells us that Cammalleri hasn’t left the building yet.  So it might not be that serious.  If he had left, it would have meant a trip to the hospital.

We’re in Winnipeg.  Home of The Big Blue Machine.  Bud Grant.  Kenny Ploen.  Gerry James.  And later; Tyrone Jones, James West and Tom Clements.  This is the city.

We could go on about the Bombers for days, I’m sure.

Ok, I could.

Second Period
Montreal 1, Winnipeg 0

What’s with this two-game delay before we see the Bell?

Canadiens make their way to the ice from a greenish hallway.  Medical tinge.

Pierre Gauthier is shown up top.   His jacket is still on.  Most other GMs would have their jackets off by now.

Gorges is talking something over with an official.  Ends with “come on”.

Jet five on three.

Gorges, Subban low.  Plekanec up top.

Jets control.  Work it around. Shot.  Price.  And cleared.

Next entry fails on the end boards.  Price exits.  Plays it.  Trapped further along.  Finally to the point.  Shot.  Wide.

Jets keep it in.  First penalty ends.

Gill top left.  Gorges and Subban low.

Kicked out.  Jets enter offside.  And the gassed Habs can leave the ice.

Plekanec, Moen.  Weber and Gill low.  One shot.  Stopped.  Golfed.  Deep in Winnipeg ice.  Grappling.  Called. The booing is less as the game’s events become more properly in focus.  Knee-jerk enthusiasm.  How long will it last?  Some say not longer than eight, nine years and we’ll see this team leave this city. Again.

Atlanta has lost teams twice.  For example.  Hockey nationalists will take exception to the analogy.  They have a point.  But so do I.

Jet penalty.

Montreal power.

Cole, Darche and Desharnais.   Cole round the net.

Loses it.  Jet breakaway.  Interfered with.  Moggled shot.  Stopped.  Delayed call.  Houde guesses at a penalty shot.

Jets pull their goalie.  Here they come.  Rush.  Price smothers it.


Weber.   Held Wheeler.  Blake Wheeler.  Condon’s bane.

Four on four for twenty seconds.

Four and a half elapsed.

Faceoff to Price’s right.  That again.

Byfuglien emerges from the circle. Heavy shot.  Wide.

Too far from the action.  Can’t make as much out.

Jets power.

One clear.

Second is managed as Price left the net and then passed it to Gill.

Again, Canadiens trap it.  And clear.

Thirty seconds.

Jets are in.  One to the net.  Puck floats in.  A Jet falls.  Shot can’t be had.

Another faceoff.

Off the draw, a shot.  High.  Kane.  Arm of Price.

Another draw.  Canadiens emerge.  Better faceoff performance than last season.  But it is the Thrashers.  We’ll take it.

Jets control like it’s a power-play. One pass along the blue.  But another harmless long shot reminds me that Montreal has not been giving up quality chances.  At all.  This season.

Another Montreal power-play coming. Byfuglien is called.  He takes the decision with no complaint.

Interference.  He bumped Andrei.

Montreal power.

Zero of two. Zero of seven.

Desharnais, Darche and Kostitsyn on the first wave.

Darche tries a finesse play.  And the net is wide open.  Desharnais can’t get to the well-thought pass, a delayed pass across the low slot.

Jets clear.  Montreal enters offside.

Jets win it.  Cleared.  Just under a minute in the penalty.

Gomez, Pacioretty7 and Gionta.  Weber low.  Diaz with him.  Lots of young defencemen in the game for Montreal.

Diaz across for Weber.  Boom.   But wide.  Denis says that Weber has quite a shot.  So, there is another.

Jets survive this PK.

Byfuglien leaves the box.

Plekanec, Moen and Cole.

Kane line for Winnipeg.

Canadiens mix and match much more than most teams.

Ten minutes.

Teams are worn down emotionally.  Physically.  Pace slows.  But both teams struggle to maintain a level.

Long Montreal puck.   Icing.

Pierre says that the fans are still in charge of the three-star selection.  Too bad.  We should see the fans’ choice as well as the network’s selections, then.

Pacioretty sends a puck through the low slot.  No sticks reply.  Stoppage.

Two Goodwrench commercials in the sequence.  Featuring Darche. Producer decision (two in that short period of time).

The false minister is shown.  Cheated in the debates.  And what about those mystery phone calls from the States that misdirected certain voters in key ridings?  How sad.  How unCanadian.

Or do you prefer Un-Canadian?  Or un-Canadian.  Hmmm.

History will not be kind.

Gomez.  Holding.  Speaking of history.

Jets are zero of four.  Under eight.

First rush is from Montreal.  Moen.  Plekanec on the right.  Found. Shot.  And alone now.  Shot.  Just trickles wide on Pavelec’ right.

Jets set up.  But Desharnais takes the puck away from Byfuglien on the hash.  You read that right.

Thirty seconds.  Size means very little but people believe what they want to believe.  Good thing those folks haven’t been running Vos Canadiens all these decades.

Plekanec has it.  Short-handed, still.  Moen found him.  One on one.  Lifts the stick.  Takes it.  Crosses.   Waits.  Lifts it over Pavelec’ right shoulder, going the other way, forehanded.

Been a while.

Montreal 2, Winnipeg 0

I thought Plekanec would score more short-handed last season but after a few, he stopped.

Jets head coach Claude Noel looks over some notes.  I’m not sure how much cronyism took place with naming this coaching staff but there were some amber flags.  More as the season wears on.

Five left in the second.

There is no Ilya Kovalchuk to right the wrongs.  Byfuglien is a strong player but his game requires support for success.  He’s a passer from the point (good shot) and he stands in the crease as a forward.

Antropov could have been that guy but he has never developed the passion to complement his skills and frame.   He’s six foot six, 245.  Rik Smits type, in a way.

It’s an analogy.

Craving samosas all of the sudden.

Four minutes.

Long shots.  Winnipeg.  Wide or harmless.   Price gloves down on the ice.  Nods.   Nods some more.  To the music?  Nods to himself.

The team is playing well in front of him.  He’s feeling better on the ice than I’ve ever seen him feel.

Cole takes the draw for Plekanec and wins it.  Gill.   Up for Plekanec, to Cole.  They share the puck.   Jets are scrambling.  Point pass. Shot-pass.  Misses.

Neutral zone.

Deep left.

Three minutes.

Pacioretty can’t retain on the right side and Wheeler exits with it.  Wheeler is taller than I remember.  Listed at 6 foot 5.  Five?

Another stoppage, another harmless Jet entry.

But here they force Price to lie across the line.  Habs close.  Survive with no further danger.

Pace picks up to close the period.  Cole on the right.  Kane down the left.  Long backhand.  Price covers the slop.

It’s his 16th stop, we are told.  Habs also have 16 shots.

Last sequence sees no pressure on a Jet possession.  But some decent control.

Period ends with Winnipeg leading on shots 17-16.

And again, the Canadiens are showing that the team might have the makings of a first-place finish in the division.  I’m surprised.

Second Intermission
Montreal 2, Winnipeg 0

Some footage from Montreal’s last game against the Jets.  Nineteen ninety-five.   Mario is looking a bit too confrontational behind the bench.  He should never have been named coach of the team.
Cherry’s recent diatribe is shown.

Alain translates.  Mario waits.  Then he says it’s incredible to hear Cherry say this.  Tremblay says that Nilan stood up for everyone when he was in Montreal and that Cherry’s remarks are a complete lack of respect.  He adds that Nilan and Grimson and the rest are entitled to their opinions.

Tremblay adds that Cherry makes (has made) millions from his famous and highly popular Rock Em Sock Em video-DVD series that highlights fighting and that he has a lot to lose by seeing fighting leave the game.  That’s a point I’ve never considered.  And now that it’s articulated, it seems so simple, I have to laugh.     Good one, Mario.

I suppose rebutting the points is better than ignoring them.  Freedom of speech?  Freedom of ignorance.  But at least we know who the ignorant are.  That’s the American position.  Up here, it’s Freedom of Expression and stronger rules against hate speech (along with some embarrassing loopholes in same).  It’s an interesting debate.  Critics of the Canadian way say that racism and the like go under the rug.  Fair point.  But there’s more to be said in our favour.   Our kids grow up shielded from the vitriol (relative to the States) and grow up less bigoted as a result.

Third Period
Montreal 2, Winnipeg 0

This is called the MTS Centre.  I’m sure you won’t like the reason.  I’m sure I won’t, then.  Let’s call it the Queen’s Ice Palace for now.  Just for your buddy, Don.

Price is cruising along at 0.943 with 33 stops on 35 shots.  Toronto game included.  Gold standard is 0.930 while the league midpoint is around 0.920.

Pacioretty.  Whacks it under control on a left side rush.  To the slot.  Gionta.  Turns.  Fires.  Wide.  How did that miss the net?

Faceoff to Pavelec’ left.

It’s out.

Gomez line stays on.

Oduya is on for Winnipeg.

Slow end to end.  Pacioretty ends this sequence by entering offside.

Burke.  Shown again.

Eighteen left.

Montreal ice.

Antropov takes a pass from MacLean.  Shot from five feet out.  NO angle.  Stopped.

Delayed call.

Price falls backward.  Mask in the net.  Puck, too.  First goal in years.  Antropov.

Crowd stands.  Hands over heads.  Backhand.  Price nearly had it.  Just under the left arm.  Antropov looks up at the replay, tooth missing.

Crowd continues to cheer.

Montreal 2, Winnipeg 1

Crowd stays loud but it begins to fade.

Increases as the Jets pressure.

Cole, Plekanec are on the ice.

Subban took a stick to the face.  Crosscheck.  A Jet comes over to ensure that Subban continues to suffer.  Tanner Glass. Shoves Sub ban’s head down even though Subban is already in pain, covering his mouth and bent over at the waist.

Guys named Tanner.  What do you think?

No flags.

Play gets a bit rough.

Moen.  Down the middle.  Takes the pass.  Spins.  Backhand.  Rebound.  Gionta can’t finish it.

Stuart nails Gionta.  Crowd loves it.  Ah.  The colours are out.

The truth will hurt.


Subban is called.   But Houde says that Subban didn’t do anything.

A number of unpleasant-looking Jet fans are shown (riot types).  Two penalties.  Four on four.  Stuart for roughing. Subban for a phantom punch.

And Subban will get a different set of rules through his career.

Jet fans are yelling Carey, Carey.

Byfuglien is called.  More booing.  I thought Jet fans were among the smarter fans in the league.  They sound like Calgary fans tonight.

My country, right or wrong.


How embarrassing for the smarter Jet fans.

Montreal power.

Jet zone.  Hash Desharnais.  To the diamond top for Plekanec.  The other hash for Weber.  In the net.

Montreal 3, Winnipeg 1

Back to four on four.

Jets must press.  But an Oduya turnover at the blue allows the Canadiens to escape.

Gorges’ shot results in a broken stick.  Kane on the right.  Offwing.  Fires.  Price T’s low, gloves high.  Save.  Faceoff.

Weber, unafraid, does yeoman’s work in the left corner, taking a chop from Antropov and then shoving Antropov away from the disc and launching an exit pass.

Plekanec line follows.  Draw to Price’s left.  Moved along the back boards.

Jets keep the puck in.  But no shots.  And iced by Plekanec.

Ten and a half.

Byfuglien cruises in.  Intent.  Burl.  But the puck is lost in sticks.

Habs are speeding up.  Closing time.

Moen.  Stickhandling.  Yes.  Moves.  Yes.  Squeaks it under the pads.  Beat two guys.  Has he been working on his game?  What.

Nicely placed.

Montreal 4, Winnipeg 1

It’s been messy but fun.

Under nine.  Another Winnipeg entry is sticked, sliced and poked to an end.

Marc Denis just said cést pas complique.


Andrei loses it at the hash after Darche forced it in.

Price gets low other end.

Under eight.

Oduya carries it out.  Jet incursion ends quickly.

Two on one.  Pacioretty.  With Gionta.  Keeps.  Shoots.  Scores.  Wrister.  High.  Pretty.  Smiles.

As he should.

Montreal 5, Winnipeg 1

Price glove-flobs a fallen Jet head in the crease.  No call.

Cole down the right.  High, hard and wide.  What does this team want.  What does it need.  Shooting practice?

Six and fifteen.

Because of the nonsensical intro session, this tape is going to end before the game does.  Or so I was informed by my living room affiliate when I returned.

Remember SP speed?  Yes, I haven’t upgraded yet.

I thought your buddies in Ottawa were good to businesses.

Mats Naslund has the most points against the Jets in Canadiens history.  Thirty-five.  Carbonneau has 27.  Mondou, 23, Walter 22 and Mario Tremblay has 21.

For what that’s all worth.  At least 128 samosas.  I also need a big deep freezer and a web guy.

Five and fifteen.

Little for Ladd.  Across for Wheeler who completely misses the feather pass.  And it was accurate.   Hm.

Four and a half.

Nobody has left, says Houde.  He’s surprised.  Or using that particular voice of his.

Go Jets Go chant begins.  Just under four.  Now booing.   Now shouts and boxing heckles.

Right side entry.  Pass ahead.  Drop pass.  Shot.  We hear Price’s pads.

Three minutes.

Kostitsyn finally takes a shot.

Pavelec is up to it.

Diaz is called.

Took down Brett MacLean.  Like a DB on a jumping receiver.

And my tape ends.

That depressing rewinding noise.

Jets didn’t score on the ensuing power-play.

Final Score
Montreal 5
Winnipeg 1

HDS Stars: Tomas Plekanec, Carey Price, Max Pacioretty
RDS Stars: ???

Montreal Canadiens.

Tape delay.  Never again.

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