The Diachronic Barber Pole Observations of a Recovering Hockey Exile

From The East (Whether You Like It Or Not)

October 16, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

So. It finally happened.


I’ve moved past the point of passion in staying connected to this team.

Why do you think that?

The players look so small.  It’s like looking through the lens of a snowstorm.

But your TV is 27 inches.  It has a digital comb.

Digital combover, maybe.

What, like Levesque’s denial of his own Canadianness?  Anyway, maybe you just need   a bigger TV.  Clearer picture.

But what about the team?  Don’t they care anymore?

I’m sure some of them do.

The same ones? Is caring even enough anymore?

It was never enough.  The city still pulls and pushes this team.  And being   smarter-than still makes the difference.  Some have caught up, copied.  The Raider   manilla folder was good enough in 1968.  Nodding to the ignored Franco player was    enough in 1968.  What makes the difference today might be smaller.

<sigh>  Maybe you’re right

Just wait a few games.  You’ll see something.  They haven’t changed that much.    And even if they have, the city won’t let it get out of hand.  There’s no room for   indifference of self-satisfaction with this team’s hockey culture.  Be glad you   weren’t born in Toronto

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