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Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins

October 27, 2011, by Homme De Sept-Iles

Musings and In-Game Scribbles

My English is as good as yours, I just write these in a stream-of-consciousness mode that I insist excuses me from small things like rules of grammar or general etiquette. Let’s call it conversational English, hopped up on beans. You know what kind of beans (no, Carl Mellesmoen, not the magic ones).

Montreal Canadiens (2-5-2) visit Boston Bruins (3-5-0)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Game Ten (score posted following scribbles)

Missed it? Musings capture the game in writing. A written transcript typed during the game, posted and edited about thirty minutes afterward.  Based on the RDS French telecast of the Montreal Canadiens game, Musings take about 20 minutes to read. More detailed than an article, fresher than a looping highlight and good with morning coffee. Or late-night chocolate.  A unique way to re-experience the game.

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The New Boston Garden.

Carey Price and Tim Thomas are the goalies.

First Period

Boston wins the draw.  Pacioretty is on the ice with Chara for the first time (since the incident), approaches him and turns away as the puck is pushed forward.  Gionta and Plekanec are two flowers amongst the bees on the Montreal forecheck.

Diaz retrieves and Eller’s line appears.

Long pass is refused as (for) icing.

The first shift is over.  Everyone wants it to be over.  Max over.  Zdeno over.  League over.  Let’s move forward.  Let’s forget what happened.  Over your over.  Over, over, over.

Not your scribe.

One minute gone.  Moen on a wing and now in the high slot covering.  Good contact and effort to start from both teams.

Gill at the cage.  Eller right there.  Coverage is better than I’ve seen it to start a period this season.  Long Boston possession keeps the Habs on the ice longer than they want.  Lucic carries and bear-shoulders a defender and passes to the point.

Now a long shot from the middle blue.  The pad echoes and the puck leaves the zone allowing both teams to move new players on the ice.

Desharnais and Cammalleri.  Subban and Gorges low.

Long pass for Cammalleri is called for icing.

Lucic knocked Eller down effectively behind the Montreal net we are shown on the replay.  Just under twenty checks recorded for Lucic this season.

Marchand, Peverley and Bergeron are on for the faceoff deep right.  Subban is called seconds after the draw.  Roughing.  Punched Peverley in the face.  Cut that out.  Foolishness.

Boston power.

One clear.

And a second.

Collision between Weber and Seidenberg results in two Bruins free for a pass in the low slot.  Angles are there, shot can’t be had.

RDS feed cuts out twice, briefly.

Crowd, studious, allows a brief roar for the in-close action.

Diaz fires long as the penalty elapses.

Cole.  Desharnais.  Shot in.  Out of Montreal ice it goes rapidly.

Desharnais and Darche cross the blue with Cole between them.  Left side.

Chara loses the puck as Desharnais tips him.  Cole tosses aside Kelly.  Legit.  Crowd doesn’t like it.  Whistle.  Unrelated.

Both teams are low in the standings, 27th and 28th with other similarities.  Both power-plays are struggling; Boston at 12.9, Montreal at 10.8.  Shots ratio is good; 34.5-29.4 for Boston and 33.2-26.1 for Montreal.

Moen has an open net as Thomas is splayed at his left post.  Can’t get to it.

Nokelainen, Blunden and Darche.

Darche takes a precise pass exiting and then sails the disc to Blunden on the right side.   Blunden is awkward in receiving this one.

Lines change.

Canadiens control.

Cammalleri.  Desharnais.  Cole.

Eleven and sixteen.

Canadiens flit fleet in the slot.  Thomas flubbles and weaves, rolling and low and then back up again.  Plekanec’ shot from the high slot just misses the crossbar.

Pace is faster.  Boston struggles with the Montreal two-man forecheck.

Chara takes another hit.  This one from Darche.  Bruins retain possession.

Nine and twenty.

Canadiens are pushed out but it doesn’t last long.  The matchup is essentially the same as last season which means that Montreal will control the puck for longer periods.  And Boston will rely on opportunistic breakouts, interceptions and mistakes for their scoring chances.

At least at even-strength.

Bruins lead on shots 4-3.

Left corner.  Cole to the net.

He has to go to the right corner to support.  But the Bruins are out.

Lucic, jammed on entry at the right side by Gorges.  Long Montreal puck.  Icing.

Thomas’ three new trophies are shown.  Vezina.  Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe.  Handlebar mustache.  New photo?  Looking like Chris Schultz somewhat.

Boston Bruins, 2010-11 Stanley Cup Champions.  No asterisk.

Eight minutes.

Two-man entry with coverage, Peverley trailing.  Price gloves the high floater and holds it for the faceoff.

The Golden Celtics wins the draw.

Boychuk’s long shot is off the boards and loud.  Net is off.  Whistle.

Outside the zone.

Plekanec loses it.  Seven and a half.  Boston gets one pass to the blue.  Long shot.  And now Price.  One at the muzzle.  And a big goalie low in the middle.

Thomas, on the other end, is out of his net too far and again, but the white jerseys can only reach.  Bruins survive the moment.

Canadiens regroup and face Paille’s line in a brief four-second entry.

Six and twenty.

Bruins are searching for the puck, chasing Montreal.  They’re uncertain and the swagger is gone for now.


Nokelainen.  Penalty.

Off the draw, it’s in.

Houde recalls the last time he saw this, a goal by Alexei Yashin in an Ottawa playoff game.

Boston 1, Montreal 0

Bruins come alive with better skating and take initiative.  Kelly.  Skating.  Following, bumping and now carrying.  Lucic seemingly out of sorts and moving in his lunchpail way.

Syrup and flow as the Bruins struggle with their new possession, the puck.


Plekanec wins a draw outside the Bruin blue.

Late in his shift he interferes with Peverley.  Or maybe Krejci?

Third Montreal penalty.

Cunneyworth claps his hands in encouragement.  Martin fumes in his way.  His face sags like an old furnace.

Bruins set up with thirty seconds elapsed.

Gill and Gorges low.  Gorges close as a cornstalk in the cage.  Gill swerving and swaying to the opponent.

A good shift.  Puck is out.

Faceoff to Price’s left.

Bruins control.  Boychuk on the right point.  Chara on the left.  Shot in.  And around it goes.  And out when Boychuk finesses the disc and his blade loses traction.  Stick blade.

Ninety seconds in the period.

Boston flummoxed for the remainder.

Desharnais.  Left side.  Loses it.   Weber on the right point, meets the bounding cupcake and fires immediately.  Into a skate and perhaps Cammalleri’s stick at the door.  Stays out.

Faceoff outside the Boston blue.  Into Montreal ice.  Immediately lost.  Shoot-ins are failing Boston.

Marchand accelerates on the left side, brakes, turns and passes to Chara behind him.

Play ends in Carey’s crease and he holds on.  No animosity on the trap, Boston respects Montreal as much as the Canadiens return the honour.  Generally speaking.  It changes late in the third, of course.

Time funnels away and the period ends.

Boston led on shots 10-6.

First Intermission
Boston 1, Montreal 0

The studio desk.  Alain, Guy and the cactus.

I am eating astronaut food and ignore most of the discussion.  Though Benoit thinks that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins should stay in the majors and not develop in the minors.

The Thrashers are leading the Flyers 3-1.  Jagr has a point.  I wonder if the Flyers are going to go into a fluttering plummet for a few weeks.  Atlanta is not very good.

I agree there is something wrong with that paragraph.  Jagr should have three points, not one.

Frozen vegetables.  Thawed in a fry pan.  It works if you add water.  And time it right.  But it’s still a bit hermetic.

Second Period
Boston 1, Montreal 0

Bergeron. Plekanec.  Bergeron wins it cleanly.  To Chara.  Across.  Driven in to Price’s pads.  Habs are out again.

Plekanec to Pacioretty, one timer.  Thomas stops it.

Bruins out.  Price across on a damaging shot.  The puck is reeling.  Great save.

Desharnais and Corvo tangle in the corner.

Desharnais stands to Thomas’ right.  Is bumped mildly once.

Tempo rises.

They battle on the boards.  Kostitsyn loses a puck and gets after the thief.  Loses his stick and has to leave.

Net is off the moorings.  Blunden is shoved in the back after the play.  He smiles slightly and casually saunters away.  What did he do?

Nokelainen wins it outside the blue.

Blunden.  Receives.  Dumps.  But both linemates can’t keep up to it.  Kept in on the blue.  Darche and Nokelainen behind the net with Seidenberg and Campbell.  Nokelainen falls over a stick.  Campbell is shaken up.  Accidental trip.  Campbell is to the trainer’s room.

Montreal is to the power-play.

Plekanec on the point.  Well, I’ve been convinced he can shoot with enough velocity from there.  As for vision and play-creation, I’m wishful but maybe he’s learning.

Bruins clear and then prevent entry.

They’re in.

Cammalleri.  Unexpected puck waits for him at the circle top.  He pauses and then fires into the fray. Thomas is low, both teams gather.  Play is stopped.

Faceoff to Thomas’ left.

Darche to the corner.  Stick cracks in two.  Automatic penalty.  Seidenberg.  Slashing.

Fair call.

Those sticks.  Chara, Ference and Bergeron for Boston.

Cole, Cammalleri, Desharnais, Weber and Subban for Montreal.

Bruins nearly win the draw, Bergeron falling and flailing at the puck.  But it floats beyond and the Canadiens manage one long shot.  Frozen.

Bruins win this one.  Price is out to stop it at his left circle.

Cammalleri sends it round the bend.  Fifteen.

Plekanec on the circle hash.  To Cammalleri.  To the low slot.  Cole is stopped.  He’s smiling as he rises with he puck in his glove.

Gionta’s jamming post-whistle is tolerated.  He’s Brian Gionta and people don’t mess with him.

Chara falls after the faceoff.  Pacioretty.  Tripping.

Crowd cheers.  And I feel sick.  So many deluded by that incident.  Or in denial, rather.  Partisan.  And others toeing the NHL line.  Like con bots.  Flyers in the mail.  I meant brochures.

Four on four.

Chara and Boychuk low.  Krejci and Seguin up front.  They share the puck and control.  Two sequences.  One good shot from Boychuk at the right point.  Turned away and without traffic, the Bruins must watch Montreal exit.

Subban.  Swerving, moving, past the black pylons.  Backhand as the booing heightens.  Thomas is easily across and ready.

Bruins go to power.

Blocked on entry.

Chara carries.  Long pass.  Like Markov.  And like Markov, it’s intercepted. Finally the Bs set up with about four seconds left in the advantage.  One shot.  Traffic.  Price has it.  And it ends there.

Penalty is over.

I wonder if Pacioretty has bought into the dominant ideology’s line.  Didn’t seem so in his interview with Houde, pregame.  But he’s certainly no longer speaking out about it.

It’s a black mark in league history.  Future generations won’t have a problem seeing it for what it was.  (Clarke’s ankle slash comes to mind)

Replay shows Subban taking a Chara shot on the back of his leg. I smile remembering an old defenceman’s advice; let the goalie handle those ones

Cammalleri is free down the middle.  Found.  Controls.  Brakes and tries the put-back.  Thomas is a nightmare bedflail and his pad finds the puck as his head slides across the ice to the left of his net.

Cole is called for tripping, besides.

Boston power.

Ference and Chara on the first wave with Krejci and Peverley.

One incursion, weaving.  Close.

Marchand hops on for Boston.

Seidenberg retrieves behind his net.
Eller and Gorges.  Gill and Cammalleri.

Deep left hash. Some leather lung is yelling.  A fan?  (Single lung?)

They dig and swipe.  Habs move it out.

Rush.  Coverage.  Up and out of play.  The organ plays an old familiar walking tune.  Whistle as you slurp a red and white candy-cane.  It’s nearly winter.

Penalty ends.

At the Boston blue.  Whicked by a point man.  Whacked at by Cole.  Indiscriminate.

And in.

Montreal 1, Boston 1

Nine and a half.

The game draws us in.  Even as it worries the Bruin fans.

Canadiens keep Strand tenured by sparking and flying.

But the Bruins match and they effect the next best possession.

Cole down the right. Bumped and chased as he tries to stay ahead of the swarm.  Lost on the blue.

Krejci.  Horton. Work on the left deep and in space.  Puck is lost.

Seven and a half.

Nokelainen and Moen chase.  Kostitsyn, with superior awareness shouldn’t be.

Figures tilt to the Boston entry.  Puck caroms behind the net.  Now to the right point.  Canadiens can only follow.  Boston can’t fold along the crease and the Habs are out.

Fourth line.  Nokelainen.  Blunden.  Darche.  Quick glove by Price on the high Boston shot.  Montreal ice. Draw.  Nokelainen and Bergeron.  Bergeron leaves for Peverley.  Nokelainen wins it.

Subban and Marchand are in a fight.  It’s awkward.  Subban is smiling.   Broken up quickly.

Marchand grabbed Subban around the neck.

The racists in Boston’s crowd are enjoying this.  Both are in the box.  The players.  The racists are on the concourse buying a brew or two.  Or eyeing up the usherettes.

Isn’t that what racists do?  Isn’t it?  Isn’t it?  Ah ha ha ha ha ho ho ho!  Do you still believe in capital punishment?


Under six.  Four on four.


Shot.  Bruins are in trouble.  Falling.  Whippet rubber.  And the shot from Diaz.

And it goes wrong.  Long pass.  Breakaway Boston.

Price.  Add a few i’s.

Celtic-Laker days aren’t so long ago.

We remember.

Peverley on the breakaway.  Waited and then tried a short, sharp wrister at Price’s left.

Diaz with two.  They retreat for the forwards.  Space for Diaz. Shot.  Thomas makes even the tough ones look simple.  He’s one of the great Boston goalies of all time.  And there have been several.

Another stoppage and another aborted fight between Subban and Marchand.  Refs are always quick to prevent Subban from fighting.  Probably a good idea.

There’s possible long-term fall-out both from other teams and fans.  Not to mention, he is a young star and his long-term injury would not be good for attendance figures.

They’re both in the box.  I have a great like for Brad Marchand.  He also stood up for Subban in the offseason when some fabricated controversy or other threatened to reveal more racists than usual.

Marchand has a stout sense of fairness.  He’s from Halifax, a stronghold of Bruin amour.

Boston.  Smart.  And they trust each other.  Here a long puck escapes them.

They’re going to go.

It’s a very long fight.

Subban nearly falls on his face to start.  Crowd jeers.  But then, even if Marchand is now considering going easy, Subban isn’t.  He sends two big punches.  And one of the more memorable fights in the sport’s history is on.

Subban acquits himself very well.  And he invents a new fight technique.  Pulling and pushing the shorter, weaker Marchand by the jersey.  And then strikes.

PK Subban should never be in a fight.  Nice league, Clarence.

Boston has a power-play.

One clear.

Price with a second.

Ference carries.  Passes to the right.

And now a net is empty.  Where is Price.  Behind his net.  And the puck is off his stick and in the crease.  Two Habs fall.  Price is quick as a grampa and the puck stays out.

You know grampas have “this lightning speed they’re not supposed to have at their age” ya know.

Just start a fire or something.  You’ll see.

Bruins are more interested in rough stuff now.  Are they bored?

Board.   Just bumping and ignoring the puck.  Leads to a turnover.  Bruins are fortunate that it’s only Travis Moen close by.

Period ends.

Shots are 18-9 for Montreal and 24-20, same.

It disturbs me that the fight was allowed to occur.  Perhaps they said; let it happen; they both want it.

In a Canadian pub, there’s no sense of it.  But talk to fans outside that pub and it’s embarrassing.  “How can you watch that stuff?”

I can’t defend it.  Especially to football purists.

Second Intermission
Montreal 1, Boston 1

Brunet.   Just seeing him infuriates me.  What oafishness next?

Just (you) wait.

Alain and Guy agree that Price says a lot with his body language and that he is in a good place tonight and for the first time this season.

Alain and Guy share several chuckles over Thomas’ style and Alain adds that he has a hockey school in the offseason.  They have high admiration for the goalie, nonetheless and they spend several sentences praising the Bruins’ flop-master.

Knucklehead.  En Francais: n. niais, sot, tête de linotte

We are anti-knucklehead.  So, to those progressive Boston fans; salut!  And to those dolt Montreal fans, booooo!!

For example, I’ve never rioted.


Third Period
Boston 1, Montreal 1

Plekanec and Bergeron.  Over the black and yellow-spoked wheel that is the beautiful Boston logo.  I’m part Bruin.   A small part.  It happened when I was young.  And was reinforced in the Adams days.

Cadeau de Price.  Desharnais saves him.

Pouliot has not been playing has he.  I think he’s a healthy scratch.  All that talk.

You are not pizza maker.

Boston extends their possession.  Finally Gill and Cammalleri combine to whack it out along the boards.

Cammalleri, low and shifting, bulled to the ice easily and the Canadiens make do without him.  Moen and Eller.

Kostitsyn.  With a hit in his own zone.

The teams are intent on the puck again.  Sticks sweep and the heads are down.

Replay shows a good hit on Gionta.

Replay of the Price gift; Bergeron swiped it behind the net.  Centring pass was good.  Shot was blocked.

Sixteen and a half.

Thomas stops one behind his net.

Slow to return.  Turnover.  To the right point.  Thomas is there.


Skirmish.  The real kind.

Thornton was looking for trouble.  Ok, Thornton was starting trouble.

If that’s the best way you can contribute, what’s the point of making a spot for you?  Leave the eighteenth spot (and two others) for skilled guys.

Fifteen and a half.

Gill at the cage.  Waits.  And a no-look pass finds his stick.

Cole is an awkward skater.  I mistake him for Gill in mid-ice.  Cole crosses the blue and loses the puck.  He’s not there to carry it, though.  Moen steals one.  Nifty.  High slot, turns and sends it to his right.

More Habs.

Lines change.

Moen lobs one in.

Long Seidenberg pass is intercepted by Subban.

Another dump-in.  Subban is bumped in the corner.

What an embarrassing league.  Bruins fans cheer when Subban is hit.  Sure, he’s a focal point for being a perceived agitator.  And for being a top athlete.  But that’s not the only reason he’s jeered and hated.  Hockey, as Dryden said, is two generations behind basketball and football when it comes to cultural relations and the like.  Such an insulated game.

Yes, it’s changed.  But compare it to football and you’ll have a laugh.  Fans aren’t as concerned about where a guy’s from in football.  Or whether he’s intelligent enough to be a quarterback (regardless of his skin colour).  There’s much more to be said and I’m not honouring the discussion’s complexity.

Nokelainen has smooth sockets, a good hip and turn and then he skates to speed around his net and passes it out adroitly.

Eleven and a half.

Two good goalies and a low score.

Subban is heading to his bench in some pain.

Didn’t see it.

It’s been a good game.  Careful play mixed punctuated by flair, passion and big plays

Pace climbs.  Long pass.  Misses one, Plekanec picks it up.  Offwing.  Shot.  And in.  Faked the shot and then bypassed the defender and beat Thomas flush.

Montreal 2, Boston 1

Now how did he do that.  Was it a fake or did the puck bounce back to him on the first shot?

Moen line. Kostitsyn to the net.  Moen tries the backhand pass.  Misses it all.

Subban is back on the ice.  They boo as he carries it from behind his net.

Some of the animosity towards Subban is a response to Montreal’s consistent booing of Chara in the Bell.

But I’m tired of minimizing racism and making excuses and providing explanations.  Man up.  You women, too.

Such vicious stupidity.

Who goes when Andrei returns?  Weber?   Denis is asked if Weber has earned his spot as a starter.  I think Diaz has been better.  Pierre Gauthier said yesterday that Markov is done in Florida.  And that all that remains is to get him on the ice.  And that this will happen next week.  Did he mean the practice surface?  I assume so.

It’s hard to believe that he’ll actually be back.  And then how long will that last?  Two injuries in short order.  The same knee.  Gauthier gambled and kept him.  If it pays off, the Canadiens will be much better.

That’s obvious to Montreal fans.

Six and a half.

The first real close-out situation of the season.

The other two wins were by wide margins.  Five, one and five, one.  Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Montreal begins to control, Boston is out of sorts.

Six seconds.  Twelve.  Three shots.

Lines change.  Cole steals one behind the net and nearly deposits one on the short side, passing by the crease.  Thomas’ boot is black.  And quick.  Those goalie skates.  Are they lighter these days?

Desharnais, Cammalleri and Cole.  Subban on the right point.

Montreal wins the draw.  Around the net.  To the point.  Shot.  High save.

Thomas holds it for the draw.  Cole is spinning and working.  Cole is much bigger than his listed numbers.  I could swear it.

Four minutes.

Cole continues his finishers’’ work and blasts one as he crosses the blue line.

Spacek falls and blocks one.  Horton.

Now Price takes one away from Horton.  It was serious.

Three minutes.  What a save by Price.  Boston maintains.  Canadiens tighten.  White fingers and the blank puck.  Etched in red as Moen carries it out.

Back in Black blares.

Faceoff dot outside Boston’s blue.

Montreal flows backward and now in, Cammalleri firing long just over the blue.

Boston wins the draw.  Desharnais chasing Chara.  Chara falls. Trying to draw a penalty or just harangued to the limit?  Mild booing.

Boston prongs.  One entry.  Diaz waits, head up and doesn’t see the puck til it appears from behind him.  He thrusts at it.  Now a long Boston shot.  Big boomer.  No.

Montreal ices.

Ninety seconds.

Martin is feeling it.  Exhales.  Boston timeout.  Martin adjusts his belt.  It never actually needs it.

Martin listens with a new expression.  Now he listens with his head down and hands on hips.

Ladouceur steps in.  Talks to the men and boys.

The Who’s familiar notes spiral across the air space.

Nokelainen.  Yelling. Organizing.  Boston wins it to Price’s right.

And it’s out.  Mid-ice.

Darche and Blunden.  Goalie is pulled.  One minute.

Ference at the blue.  Forced out.  Bergeron retrieves.

Shot in.  Price.  Plays it.  Back to his net.

Point. Blank.  Save.  And another.

Price stays low, sitting on his pads.

Twenty seconds.

Lucic shoves a man into Price.  Moen takes exception.  Lucic goes for it.  No penalty?

If you’re going to be that dumb.  Penalize it.

Cam Neely is shown up and Grundying in inner pain.  Fists at his side, and teeth in thistle grimace.

Faceoff to Price’s left.  Lost.  No penalties.

Ten seconds.

Crowd.  Puck disappears. Find a dance partner.  But no dancing.  Frozen.

Gorges.  Plekanec.  Nokelainen.  Gill.  Gionta.

Boston wins it.

Shot long.  Around.  Centred.

And it’s over.

They wait as if there’s more.  Gill yelling.  Others looking about.  Boston is done with it.

Canadiens surround their goalie.  Bumping of helmets, Spacek puts an arm around Price.  Subban is busy giving glove, dentures hanging from his mouth.  Ok, mouthguard.

Final Score
Montreal Canadiens 2
Boston Bruins 1

HDS Stars: Tim Thomas, Carey Price, Tomas Plekanec
RDS Stars: Carey Price, Erik Cole, Tim Thomas

More to come.   Boston again on Saturday at Bell Central.

On Ante-Chambre (found it on RIS) Mario says Pierre McGuire never has anything good to say about Pierre Gauthier.  McGuire wanted the GM job in Montreal.  A little much.  Tremblay cites McGuire’s brief NHL accomplishments and says with due respect, McGuire has to leave off and give the guys with extensive experience their due.

I like McGuire but his reaction to not getting that job has been questionable.  He wasn’t even on the short list and I don’t think he was considered at all.  It’s a bit of a stretch.

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